What if you could find joy in the midst of your fiercest battle?!

If you've ever asked the question, "Why God?!" ... you need the hope found in this book!

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Refined is one book that could quite literally benefit anyone and everyone, for who among us has never known hardship and never asked the question, “Why, God?” Author Carol McLeod takes us on a journey into the very heart of God’s goodness and offers a biblical response to the problem of evil. After reading this book, you may not have all the answers to your “Why?” questions, but you will better trust the One who does.

—Ann Tatlock,
award-winning author of Once Beyond A Time

I first heard Carol McLeod present the Refined message to a community of hurting, mourning, young men and women on a Mid-America college campus. In that moment of grief and pain, this message allowed everyone to breathe a bit more easily.

Life is messy and doesn’t often make sense. Refined puts a language of hope to the process of spiritual growth through the fires of life. This book is humanly practical yet very spiritually inspiring.

—Ossie Mills – Executive Director – Empowered21 Vice President Strategic Initiatives –
Oral Roberts University

Whispered in a moment of frustration, or cried in the fire of crisis, we’ve all asked, “Why, God?” Carol Burton McLeod confronts this question head on in her bookRefined; Finding Joy in the Midst of the Fire.

Carol presents solid biblical truths blended with personal experience and seasoned wisdom—insights gained from Carol’s years of walking alongside others through life’s heartaches. Refined leaves the reader with a desire to run to God and not away from Him in times of questioning.

—Marty Nystrom
Writer of over 120 Worship songs, including “As The Deer”
Author of 
Don’t Mess With Moses Integrity Worship Leader

Every one of us has asked, “Why is this happening to me?” Refined gives the answers to this age-old question in delicious, bite-sized pieces of truth and encouragement. Carol McLeod is masterful at building our faith in God’s goodness by sharing Scripture and inspiring stories. Want faith? Read this book!

—Kathy Collard Miller, Author of Never Ever Be the Same: A New You Starts Today

If you have ever wondered, “Why, God?” then this book is for you. “Refined”, written by my friend and spiritual leader, Carol McLeod, is guided by the Word of God and presents hopeful answers to the questions that are birthed in the fires of life. Carol’s passion for truth, for encouragement and for the Word literally leap from this book. No stranger to the fires of life herself, Carol has come through her trials with the fire-forged by-product of joy.

If your life is a charred remnant of what it used to be due to a fire or two in life, you need the hope and the truth of this book.

—Dr. Steve Greene – Executive Vice President Charisma Media Group

Carol’s writing is firmly fastened to the words of God. She steers us past distraction and colorful lies toward the life that doesn’t fade. Refined is pure Kingdom.

—Jared Anderson – Worship Leader and Song Writer Founding member of Desperation Band
Writer of Worship Songs such as “Great I Am”, “Hear Us From Heaven” and “Promises” (www.jaredanderson.com)

Chock full of illustrative stories and scripture references, Refined addresses with clarity and maturity the big questions of God, the issues of good versus evil and the identity of the goodness of God himself in a world which sometimes seems out of control, both in our individual lives and corporately around the world. Refined is a refreshing, clear-headed, and practical look at how deeply we are loved, how God gives us only good gifts and sees us only through His lens of goodness. I couldn’t stop reading. It will be a permanent addition to my library. Thank you, Carol.

—Amick Byram – CEO Oodles Entertainment Two-time Grammy-nominated singer and one-time Emmy-nominated singer - Amick sang the role of Moses in “The Prince of Egypt” (www.amickbyram.com)

Carol has written a book, Refined, that’s a spiritual combination tool kit and first-aid kit.

Every page of Refined helps the reader understand that God uses trials to conform His children more into the image of Jesus Christ, no matter what it takes.

When you read Carol’s writings, you just come to understand that not only is joy through tough times a viable option, but the only sane option for a Christ-follower.

Once again, Carol McLeod, in her latest book, Refined, drives home a signature theme of her world-view: joy can be found in any situation life may hand you!

—John Hull – Global CEO of Crossroads Christian Communication Host of 100 Huntley Street