1969's Finest Moment

I knew that in spite of murders and compromise … in spite of politics and protests … I knew that there was still a deep goodness in America that would help us all through the difficult days ahead.

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The Battle Is Won

D-Day was about freedom … about paying a great price … about giving oneself so that others could live … about putting aside preference and ease for a call and a purpose greater than oneself.

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According to His Will

I have spent years of my life frustrated because none of my prayers seemed to be answered.  Can any of you relate?  Come on now … don’t leave me alone here in the conundrum of prayer. 

I have also experienced great joy and victory simply because I decided to pray without ceasing.   

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The Joy Set Before Him

You were the joy set before Him!  I was the joy set before Him!

You were the reason that He stayed on the cross … you were on His mind while He hung there … and you are the reason that the tomb was empty!

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