21 Days to Beat Depression - Day 17

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21 Days To Beat Depression - Day 17

“But let all who take refuge in You be glad, let them ever sing for joy and may You shelter them, that those who love Your name may exult in You.” - Psalm 5:11

Do you believe it?  Do you believe what the Bible says?  If you do... then you will agree with me and with the Bible,  that when you express joy from your heart that it will begin to heal you!

This word “joyful” from Proverbs 17:22 is an active word!  It means to express joy or to rejoice!  When we express joy it acts like a powerful healing agent to our souls.

That’s what the Bible says!!  And I believe that the Bible is the final authority on everything, don’t you?!

It is more important for you to express joy every day than it is for you to take your vitamins, your blood pressure medicine or eat an apple.  Just like a powerful antibiotic heals infections, joy is a powerful healing agent when applied daily to our souls. (Disclaimer:  Please keep taking your vitamins, blood pressure medicine and keep eating those apples!)

The word “heart” in this verse is the Hebrew word “leb” and it encompasses these parts of your life: your heart, soul, mind, thinking, reflection, memory, will, conscience, resolution, appetite, emotions and passions.

You must think joyful thoughts!  No more stinkin’ thinkin’ from you!  Change the way you think from depressing, dark, gloomy thoughts to thoughts of sparkling joy!  You can do it!  You choose what you will think about every day.  Today... just for one day... think about joy!  This one choice will heal you!  No one else tells you what to think about but YOU!  So YOU can do it... think about things that are lovely, pure and joyous!

When your memory kicks in, don’t remember all of the times when people were unkind, when you didn’t get your way or how rotten your life used to be... remember the good times.  Recall the happy days of your life.  Think about childhood friends and kind teachers.  Remember winning moments and precious times.

We all have bad memories.  We all do!  None of us have lived perfect lives... but the secret to living a joy-filled life today is to leave the pain of the past behind which means not to think about it any more!  Do not rehearse the pain of your childhood, former marriages or evil employers!

Resolve to leave the Eeyore part of your persona behind and become the most joyful version of yourself possible.

I am never offended when people call me Mary Poppins or Pollyanna.  Wouldn’t you rather be identified by those sunny characters than as Cruella deVille or Scrooge?!

Resolve to choose joy... to express joy... and to be healed by joy!

It all starts with a single, healthy choice.

  • You can smile at someone.

  • You can think positive thoughts.

  • You can remember happy days.

  • You can sing rather than whine.

  • You can invite a friend to lunch.

  • You can send a sweet e-mail.

  • You can bake cookies and take them to a large family.

  • You can encourage your boss.

  • You can serve your spouse.

You can thank the Lord that these daily choices of joy are healing your heart!  You can... you can... you can!


  1. What does it mean to you to “choose joy”? Write it down in your “Thanksgiving Every Day of the Year” journal and then take your own advice!

  2. I have thousands of things for which I am grateful!! How about you? After you write three more things in your journal today, share it with me on Facebook or on Twitter. #21daystobeatdepression


I declare that as I express joy it is healing the deepest places in me!  I declare that I will think joy-filled thoughts and speak words of joy today!


“Father, I thank You that You are rejoicing over me today and I determine in my heart to live a joy-filled life.  I thank You that as I choose the joy of Your presence that the healing of my emotional pain and heartache has begun!  In Jesus’ Name I pray.  Amen.”