Best Selling Author!

I don’t know whether to cry … to faint … or to shout!! However … considering the great news that I have to share with you this morning … I just think that I will SHOUT!!!!

My new book, “No More Ordinary!” just hit #2 on Amazon’s Hot New Sellers’ List!! Are you kidding me?!!

“No More Ordinary!” is also #3 on the overall Hottest Sellers of the Day list on Amazon!!  God … You are so good!!

It is also #7 overall on Amazon’s Christian Spiritual Growth List!! Is this really happening?! Would one of you pinch me?!

Ever since I was a little girl in the second grade … my heart’s desire has been to write books. I knew that books could take you places you had never been and could teach lessons that were otherwise unattainable.

I knew that the power of the written word was extraordinary and truly life changing. I knew, at 8 years old, that within my ordinary soul were hundreds of books yet to be written.

“No More Ordinary!” is a rich and challenging look at what abundant life is at in its core. Jesus came not only to forgive your sins and take you to heaven … but He came to bring heaven to earth! He came to get heaven into you while you are living in the warzone of planet earth.

The life that Jesus came to give is a life so magnificent and unparalleled that even the angels gasp in wonder at the life that we have been given. If you want to live this kind of life … you need to read “No More ordinary!”

If you have already bought your copy, thank you, from the bottom of my 

heart! Now – would you consider buying one for a friend?

If you haven’t yet bought your copy – would you do me the honor of buying one today?

Now excuse me … I need to go shout some more!!