blog pic favorite things
blog pic favorite things

Day 23 - Try to track down an old friend and re-connect with him or her.

Remember your best friend in the third grade?

Remember the little girl who lived around the corner from you with whom you would always ride bikes?

Remember the middle-school friend who came to your house every Wednesday after school?

Remember your fifth grade Sunday School teacher?

Remember the woman who worked at the corner drugstore and would always slip a piece of extra candy in your bag?

Remember the English teacher who taught you how to love the classics?

We all have people from our past with whom we long to re-connect.  There is no time like the present!  Choose one of those folks from your distant past and try to track them down.

It’s easy to do in this age of Facebook, e-mail, twitter and white


There is an indescribable joy in finding someone who knew you when you were young and filled with possibility.  There is a mountain of delight in walking down memory lane with someone who knew you before you had wrinkles!

The years are quickly flying by so don’t let another year pass without finding that one person who made a difference in your life when you were young.

“Make new friends ... but keep the old.  One is silver and the other gold.”