Episode 19 - Family Tradition

In Episode 19 of The Joy of Motherhood, Carol talks about some great traditions to have with your family. She also answers a listeners question about keeping toddlers from running away from you!

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Episode 3 - Choose Your Adjective

In Episode 03 Carol shares with you how to chose how you Mother! Discovering your destiny is not enough to ensure that you live a life of purpose. There’s something beyond destiny that determines the power and the imprint of your singular life as a mother. Carol also answers a listeners question and talks about keeping a good relationship with your teens.

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Episode 2 - How To Raise Brave Kids

In Episode 2 of The Joy of Motherhood, Carol gives coaching tips to mothers on how to raise brave kids in todays culture. She also answers a listener's question, if you have any question you want carol to answer about motherhood, send them to carol@justjoyministries.com

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