Episode 3 - Choose Your Adjective

In Episode 03 Carol shares with you how to chose how you Mother! Discovering your destiny is not enough to ensure that you live a life of purpose. There’s something beyond destiny that determines the power and the imprint of your singular life as a mother. Carol also answers a listeners question and talks about keeping a good relationship with your teens.

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Episode 2 - How To Raise Brave Kids

In Episode 2 of The Joy of Motherhood, Carol gives coaching tips to mothers on how to raise brave kids in todays culture. She also answers a listener's question, if you have any question you want carol to answer about motherhood, send them to carol@justjoyministries.com

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Episode 0 - Carol's Story

Motherhood can be frustrating and challenging but there is a unique joy that belongs solely to motherhood. Carol McLeod, mother of 5 children on earth and 5 children in heaven, has discovered this uncommon joy and has a knack for sharing it in a winsome, hopeful and captivating manner.  Through personal stories, experiential wisdom, scriptural truth and interviews, Carol will impact your life with her legacy of joy. Carol is the “mom” you always wish that you had and now she is the “mom” you can go to for advice!