Stormproof is another beautiful reminder of God’s unending faithfulness to us, no matter what is going on around us. Carol examines the storms in the Bible and makes practical application to our lives. She brings the Word to life, enabling us to see that help is only a prayer away.

—Donna Russo

Executive Director and CFO, Kingdom Bound Ministries

Go “storm chasing” through the pages of the greatest Book ever written! What storm has blown into your circumstances? Are you—or someone you love—suffering from the trauma of plans that have been washed away, relationships that have been uprooted, or security that has been devastated?  Just what does a believer do during a stormy season? StormProof: Weathering Life’s Tough Times tackles these and other tumultuous questions.

Author Carol McLeod is a storm survivor—more than that, a victor—over infertility, depression, and cancer. She understands the spiritual, emotional, and physical challenges of the trials we face in our lives. A gifted Bible teacher, she provides “life preservers” of hope and faith through the eternal, practical wisdom found only in God’s Word.

Storms are common in every season of life. Yet, for a believer in Christ, the damage such storms cause can be contained, depending on how we navigate their tumultuous waves. There is a way—a triumphant way—to encounter the fierce gales of life and then exit the tempests with strength and resilience. There is a definitive way to walk through the most devastating of circumstantial tornadoes and emerge with grace, empowered for the future. There is a way to be StormProof.

Carol's newest book, "StormProof: Weathering Life’s Tough Times" will be released on March 5, 2019.  Be among the FIRST to receive a copy by pre-ordering the book below.