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For any woman struggling with depression, anxiety or fear, God has so much to say about finding joy in the everyday. As Christian women, we carry the power of prayer and scripture to battle the darkest nights, and trust God for healing!

 Significant Women’s Conference

April 3-4, 2020


What makes you significant as an individual? As a woman? As a wife, mother, daughter, or friend? No matter what your age or current course in life, you can come to know your remarkable significance and eternal value. 


Discover that you are the steward of your own self and be challenged to embrace every season of your life.

This life-changing weekend will remind women from every generation that identity, confidence, and purpose come from who God is—not from how we feel at any given time.


VIP Tickets - $125

For the first time, Carol McLeod Ministries will offer a special VIP ticket.  

Your VIP ticket includes:

  • free copy of Carol McLeod’s newest book “Significant”

  • free copy of “Tongues of Fire” Devotional

  • VIP Dinner Friday, April 3

  • Premiere Conference Seating

Your ticket will also allow someone to attend the Significant Women’s Conference who otherwise could not afford it.

General Admission - $30 

General Admission with lunch - $40 

Special Pricing ends November 1 


Featuring ministry from Carol McLeod and worship with Keri Cardinale

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Carol is a best-selling author of eleven books, including “Refined”, "Pass the Joy, Please!" and “ StormProof". Her teaching DVD, The Rooms of a Woman's Heart, won the Telly Award, a prestigious industry award, for excellence in religious programming. Her 11th book, “Significant” is being released in November 2019. Carol has a daily podcast, “A Jolt of Joy!” on the Charisma Podcast Network, as well as a weekly podcast for moms, “The Joy of Motherhood." She is a devotional writer for YouVersion with 12 devotionals in current circulation. Carol also has a column that is published weekly in “Ministry Today.” Carol’s blog “Joy for the Journey” has been named to the top 50 Faith Blogs for women.



Keri is an avid communicator about real-life; a worshipper, speaker, life coach, radio show host, and simply put, a Jesus lover. Keri is passionate about the opportunity God has given her to encourage and uplift others to be authentic and vulnerable with their own lives, so they too can experience the intimacy we all long for. She will release her very first book Swing Wide in the Fall. Keri and her new husband Philip live in Buffalo, NY.


Photos from past conferences