The Rooms of a Woman's Heart

The Rooms of a Woman's Heart


“The Rooms of a Woman’s Heart” is an intimate look into the passions, desires, dreams and priorities found hidden in a woman’s heart.  It is a spiritual blueprint which colorfully portrays the activities that take place in every nook and cranny of a feminine heart.  

You will feel His presence in every room of your heart: restoring, remodeling, tearing down and then building on again.  

This book will inspire you to get out the broom and dustpan, tie on your apron and go to work!  It’s time for some housecleaning!  Your heart should not be a run-down shack filled with broken promises, dreams unfulfilled and empty longings.  Your home is not even that model home that you drive by and whisper, “If only …”.

Your home should be a castle.  It is the place where you live with your King.  This is no ordinary home!  It is filled with His presence, His power and His promise!

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