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Hello dear friends!  I am so grateful for your interest in helping me spread the word about my newest book, "Refined - finding JOY in the midst of the FIRE"!  I have known from the beginning that the message in this book was not just for me, but is for everyone who is facing or has faced a fire ... a struggle ... a battle in life.  It is my greatest joy in life to spread this message and I am just so very thankful for your help!!

Below you will find all of the information for the blog tour, along with writing prompts, graphics to use within your blog and the links to send people to the "Refined" book page.


The blog tour will run from September 1 - 30.  If this does not fit within your schedule, you can continue to post through October.  We suggest any of the following prompts which are aligned with the book's message - the fires in our lives have the potential to become the greatest defining moments in our history.


  • What was your fiercest fire?
  • How has your faith turned your fire into pure gold?
  • How have you found the beauty in being refined (or what does being refined by the fire mean to you?)
  • How did God carry you through your fire?  How did you come out without even smelling like smoke? (Daniel 3:27)
  • You can write a review of the book, if you've read it or use one of the above prompts, or any combination of the four!



After your post is live, email us the link (  Each week, we will promote the blog tour page via social media and hope to send new readers to your blog.  Our hope is to share the message that our trials through life have great potential to redefine who we are!

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  • This post is part of the Refined Blog Tour which I love being a part of! To learn more about "Refined", click HERE  

2. OUTRO – 

  • Carol McLeod, speaker and author of, "Holy Estrogen", "Defiant Joy", "Rooms of a Woman's Heart", and "No More Ordinary" has just released her newest book, "Refined - finding JOY in the midst of the FIRE".  Grab your copy HERE.

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  • We would love it if you would write a review for "Refined" on Amazon {Follow this link}

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Please email Monica at with any questions.  Thank you!  We're excited!!