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For Sure and For Certain: Day 22

Before another moment or day goes by I want you to know who God is! I want you to know “For sure and for certain” what the character of God is. He loves you greatly and only has good plans for your life! God is rich in joy, goodness, strength, love, forgiveness, grace and patience! This is Carol McLeod and I want to thank you for tuning into Defiant Joy! Radio. 

For Sure and For Certain: Day 21

Do you find yourself stuck in lifestyle patterns that are contrary to the word of God? We can find ourselves aimlessly wandering around in the darkness rather than following the path of purpose that God has for us. There is a way that you can leave addiction, bitterness, anger, and depression behind! This is Carol McLeod and we are going back into the book of Ephesians today. Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio. 

For Sure and For Certain: Day 20

God holds nothing back when it comes to your life! The very nature of our heavenly Father is to bless the children that He created. So, the next day or so you are going to know “For Sure and For Certain” what all the spiritual blessings are that Christ has for His children. Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio … get ready to receive all the blessings that God has in store for your life! 

For Sure and For Certain: Day 6

Thank you for joining me on A Jolt of Joy! Have you ever asked yourself these questions? How do we know the Bible is true? What does the Bible mean to us and why is it important to read? Is the Bible relevant for my life now? The Bible is the Word of God and it truly has the power to transform your heart, soul, and mind! This is Carol McLeod, you are tuned into the Charisma Podcast Network and I am certain of the life-changing power of the Word of God! 

No More Ordinary: Day 11

Here we are just in the warm up to the challenge of living an abundant life. We are going to continue our painfully practical application of what Peter instructs us to do to attempt to tap into the extraordinary life that God desires for us! This is Carol McLeod, Bible teacher and author, thank you for joining me today on Defiant Joy radio. Let’s dig in to the unchanging Word of God! 

For Sure And For Certain: Day 8

Who doesn’t want to live a life of blessing? Who doesn’t want to live a life that is extravagantly filled with the blessings of God? Join Carol as she describes that kind of life in today’s episode of “For Sure And For Certain.”

For Sure And For Certain: Day 7

So many people believe that reading the Bible is burdensome, just a list of rights and wrongs, do’s and don’ts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Join Carol as she digs into the word of God, and discusses the advantage that reading the Word of God brings to your life.