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Never Never Never Give Up: Day 11

James is speaking true Christianity in today’s Bible Study.  James reminds all of us who are living in the 21st. Century that we must not judge others based on income, education, appearance or even color of skin. If you really want to be like Jesus, you will obey the Word of James and the Holy Spirit and love others the way that Jesus does.  This is Carol McLeod.  Welcome to Defiant Joy Radio.

Never Never Never Give Up: Day 2

The book of James was written to believers who were suffering and being persecuted for their faith.  Are you going through a difficult time in life?  Do you feel that your world is crashing in around you?  I believe that the Holy Spirit is going to speak to you today through this Bible Study entitled, “Never, Never, Never Give Up!” I am your host, Carol McLeod on Defiant Joy Radio

For Sure and For Certain: Day 10

When we read the Bible it is for transformation! God’s Word is meant to bring life, wisdom, and power into your being. Where will you turn when you need advice on dealing with a difficult person, parenting, marriage …. Turn to the Word of God as your primary source of counsel and you will not be let down! Welcome to A Jolt of Joy!  This is your host, Carol McLeod on the Charisma Podcast Network and I am praying that the Word of God is truly transforming the way you do life! 

For Sure and For Certain: Day 9

Welcome to A Jolt of Joy!  We have begun studying Psalm 119 and what wonderful truths and blessings we find in this chapter. As I read my Bible every day I am reminded that we are made for something more than just this life - this isn’t all there is! This is your host, Carol McLeod, thank you tuning into the Charisma Podcast Network but more importantly for opening the word of God with me!