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Never Never Never Give Up: Day 24

Patience is a word that we all love to hate, isn’t it?  What about that 4 letter word, “wait” … well today we will be studying those words along with the words “strengthen” and endurance. These words are found in verses that will help you to never, never, never give up! This is Carol McLeod and I am so thankful that you have joined me today on Defiant Joy Radio.

For Sure and For Certain: Day 1

Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio. Today as we begin a new series titled “For Sure and For Certain”. Life holds disappointments and inevitable joys. We are all looking for purpose and meaning in life. Regardless of where you are today, I know For Sure and For Certain that the Word of God has never changed. I know that you can discover joy in the presence of the Lord. This is your host, Carol McLeod and I am praying that the Word of God becomes alive to you during this new series!! 

No More Ordinary: Day 13

Are you ready for another dose of “Reality Bible”? We have been learning what to do AND what not to do so we can live this life well. These doses of “Reality Bible” call us to action. When you get up off the couch, you will not just survive but thrive! Let’s discover what the Holy Spirit is saying to us today! This is Carol McLeod.  Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio.

No More Ordinary: Day 12

Talk about diligence! Today we are going to hear about an example of an extraordinary woman of faith. In spite of devastating and seemingly impossible circumstances, Barbara Johnson never had ordinary in her vocabulary. She even found joy in the most difficult times of her life! This is Carol McLeod and I am praying that the joy of His presence will saturate your very life today.

For Sure And For Certain: Day 8

Who doesn’t want to live a life of blessing? Who doesn’t want to live a life that is extravagantly filled with the blessings of God? Join Carol as she describes that kind of life in today’s episode of “For Sure And For Certain.”

For Sure And For Certain: Day 7

So many people believe that reading the Bible is burdensome, just a list of rights and wrongs, do’s and don’ts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Join Carol as she digs into the word of God, and discusses the advantage that reading the Word of God brings to your life.