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Let There Be Joy: Day 23

When God created the earth, His first spoken words were, “Let there be light!”  God was announcing His presence into the darkness and void where before there had only been nothingness.  Let there be Light!!

When Jesus was born on the earth that God the Father had created, the first spoken words of the angels concerning the birth of Jesus were, “For behold I bring you good news of great JOY which shall be to all the people!”  What the angels were truly saying was, “Let there be JOY!”

The joy of God’s presence had arrived on planet earth and nothing … nothing would ever be the same again.

Join Carol McLeod as she takes you on a journey to the heart of Christmas.  Each day of this 25 day journey, you will be reminded what Christmas is truly all about.  You will be encouraged to celebrate extravagantly and completely!  It is our prayer that Christmas will never be the same again for you as you discover the joy of this eternal and miraculous season!

Let there be joy!!

Let There Be Joy: Day 14

There is nothing like Christmas in the city. The very first Christmas was celebrated in a very large ancient city, not so different than our cities today. Have you allowed your life to be as chaotic, confusing, and out of control as any city? Maybe your life could use the intervention of Heaven like that city so many years ago.