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No More Ordinary: Day 41

Are you living for your legacy today? What seeds you plant today will determine the fruit you produce for the future. Kindness is a choice that will define the type of legacy you leave. Kindness is a choice you make with your words, thoughts, and deeds! This is Carol McLeod, bible teacher and author. Stick around, it is going to be a great day on Defiant Joy! Radio! 

No More Ordinary: Day 39

In the middle of the great depression in a tiny Western New York town, there was one extraordinary man. This man gave of himself during one of the most difficult times in recorded history. As you take a peek into his life I hope that you will be reminded that God always takes care of givers! This is a story that you won’t want to miss!  This is Carol McLeod.  Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio.

No More Ordinary: Day 37

Get into the boat right now! God will never put us in a severe storm unless He wants to bring glory to His name. When God is compelling you to get into the boat as He did with the disciples, just do it! The storm may be exactly where He wants you to be just to show off His glory! This is Carol McLeod, Bible teacher and author, thank you for joining me today on Defiant Joy radio.

No More Ordinary: Day 32

God is the restorer of all things lost or stolen! When you turn from your sin to make Godly choices, you will turn into a season of restoration. But first, you have to have open heart surgery. This is what it takes to begin living God’s dreams for you. This is Carol McLeod. I pray that you have an open heart as we keep going deeper in the No More Ordinary that God has called you to!

No More Ordinary: Day 28

There is nothing that can separate you from the love that God has for you! Do you believe that even in the midst of pain? Pain, trials, and difficulty should not steal your joy or cripple your walk with the Lord! NO! Pain doesn’t have the power to keep you from living in abundance! This is Carol McLeod, bible teacher and author. Thank you for joining me today as we dig into the Word of God together.

No More Ordinary: Day 25

Strength is one mighty gift from the Lord that you will not want to overlook today! The strength we will talk about today is not human strength but it is divine, heavenly, and eternal strength. Do you want to know how to get this strength? This is Carol McLeod, bible teacher and author. Stick around, it is going to be a great day on Defiant Joy! Radio!