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Becoming: Day 32

I am confident that as we end our study of Ephesians today that you are BECOMING more like Jesus! I am confident that your life has been changed with the rich depth from the book of Ephesians! Be sure to declare the word of God over your life, over your husband, over your children, and over your battles. Choose to worship, choose to have joy, and choose to stand firm! Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio. Thank you for joining me here for this life-changing study from the book of Ephesians!

Becoming: Day 31

Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio! Are you ready for war? Would you ever walk onto the battle field without your armor? I think not! The odd thing is, the enemy for your soul wants you to go into battle ill-equipped and unprepared for battle. We are commanded to take up the FULL armor of God. We cannot afford to leave one single piece off. To resist the devil, you must take up what the Holy Spirit has provided to do battle confidently. Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio. Are you ready to fight well?

Becoming: Day 30

What battle are you facing today? Whatever your battle is right now, the old devil is trying to trick you into a place of weakness rather than a place of strength in the Lord. All through scripture we know that God’s people have learned how to stand firm against the attacks of the enemy. God will do a miracle before your very eyes! Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio! I am Carol McLeod, your host! Stand firm my friends, in Christ you have already won the battle!

Becoming: Day 29

As with any great book … there is an end. In the next few days we are ending our study from the book of Ephesians. Don’t let this discourage you though because Paul has saved one knock out ending! BE STRONG! Paul says, most important of all … BE STRONG! He is reminding us that there IS a way to live a strong life and to put on the strength of His might! Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio! I am Carol McLeod, your host and I love digging into the mystery of the book of Ephesians with you!

Becoming: Day 28

On this side of heaven, one of the greatest challenges we face daily is in our relationships with our family. The apostle Paul wrote about family relationships in Ephesians 5 and in Chapter 6. Friends, the Bible is practical for your life today! We need wisdom and advice on how to deal with our family relationships. We can live fruitful lives in the kingdom of God and where we live today when we apply these principles first hand. Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio. This is Carol McLeod and I want to remind you that YOUR family matters!

Becoming: Day 27

There is no doubt about it! God has a plan and purpose for your life! When we yield our lives to His plans and His ways, we cannot go wrong. We make choices to yield to the ways of the Lord so we can honor Him with our whole being. When we slow down, use wisdom and listen for His voice we avoid collision with the plans of God for our lives. This is your host, Carol McLeod. Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio, I am so glad you have joined me today.

Becoming: Day 26

Wake up my friends! God wants to bring you into a life of abundance and freedom. To do that we must let the Lord expose any dark places in our hearts or lives. Nothing EVER grows in the darkness. We must walk in the light and allow the Lord to light the path of our lives. Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio! This is your host, Carol McLeod. Will you allow the Holy Spirit to shine His light in and through you?

Becoming: Day 25

Paul is really challenging believers in Ephesians 5 to come to a much higher level than they have ever been. We are called higher so we can honor and become more like our heavenly Father. You, as a child of God, are called to imitate the very heart of God. This is Carol McLeod and I want to welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio. I challenge you to lean in today and be open to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Becoming: Day 23

Today in Ephesians I want to point out to you the better way according to scripture. You, my friend, were created for goodness, strength, kindness, peace, and joy! You are also called to lay aside bitterness, slander, and anger! You cannot let the enemy have an opportunity to gain a foothold in your life. Instead, walk in the freedom that your new life in Christ offers! Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio. This is your host, Carol McLeod. 

Becoming: Day 21

Not only has God given each of us a gift so we become more like Him but He has also given us a responsibility to the body of Christ! No one is left out here friends! God is calling us to a responsibility to the body of Christ. We should willingly spend our lives giving our lives so we can grow and mature in our faith. Your primary goals should bring unity and peace to the body of Christ! Are you ready to keep moving forward? Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio. This is Carol McLeod and I love bringing the Word of truth to you every day.

Becoming: Day 20

Are you becoming more like Jesus Christ every day of your life? Paul gives us a wonderful picture of the great gift giver that God is! God has intended and has given gifts for all of us to walk worthy in so we can BECOME more like Him! There is a gift that God wants you to operate in, will you let God fill you up with who He wants you to be? God gives us all a gift of ministry! Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio. This is Carol McLeod and I am so glad you have joined me here as we unfold the mysteries of scripture today. 

Becoming: Day 19

Are you walking worthy of the calling that you have been called to? The word of God never changes and the words of Paul found in Ephesians detail the HOW of walking worthy. Walking worthy is HOW we are called to treat the difficult people in our lives and is the HOW of our daily actions. This is Carol McLeod and I am your host for Defiant Joy! Radio! Welcome to this life-changing teaching from Ephesians! 

Becoming: Day 18

Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio. I believe that this book of Ephesians has the potential to change your life profoundly! I believe the Word of God can change HOW you do life on a daily basis! The Bible will help you to rise up and leave an eternal impact for the Kingdom of God! This is Carol McLeod, your host for Defiant Joy! radio … lean in as we study the last 3 chapters in Ephesians! 

Becoming: Day 17

Welcome back to Defiant Joy! Radio. This is Carol McLeod and I love spending this time with you as we remember the promises of our Savior. Can you think of your biggest dream? Your most gargantuan dream is tiny in comparison to even God’s smallest dreams for your life! The God of eternity wants to fill you with every part of who He is so that your dreams will be fulfilled now and for all of eternity.

Becoming: Day 16

It all goes back to Love, doesn’t it?! I want to encourage you to love the Savior relentlessly and completely! When you love Christ with your entire heart, your life will reflect the love that you have for the Father and the love that He has for you! Welcome to Defiant Joy! Radio, I am so glad that you have joined me today as we continue in the book of Ephesians. 

Becoming: Day 15

You are God’s plan FOR today! Without you, the plan of God couldn’t have been completed or accomplished! You were God’s plan all along for all of eternity. Before you were even in existence, you were part of God’s eternal purpose. The plan of God will never be complete without your cooperation! This is Carol McLeod and I am your host! For all of eternity, God has had you in mind! WOW! Welcome to Defiant Joy! radio! 

Becoming: Day 14

There is one simple fact that I know …. People NEED Jesus! There are people in your everyday lives that are dying without knowing your Savior! You might be agreeing but what are YOU doing about it? If you have received God’s grace and power … YOU are called to be a minister of the Gospel. Your life was meant to be a shining example of what God can do in a human life! Welcome to Defiant Joy! radio. This is your host, Carol McLeod. Let’s spruce up your job description today for the kingdom of God. 

Becoming: Day 13

Welcome to Defiant Joy! radio! In the process of becoming more like Jesus you have to remember where you belong. You are a citizen of the Kingdom of God. You belong to Christ and are a member of the family of God. Today I want you to make sure that you are celebrating, loving others, and talking like you belong to Jesus! These marks make you look and sound different! This is Carol McLeod and I am so glad that you are part of the family!