Updated: March 2019

Here is the documentation on using the site redesign, let me know if there’s anything to add/anything that doesn’t make sense!


Adding / Changing a Homepage Featured Block


The Homepage contains Featured blocks that can be changed out or modified according to current features.



Screenshot 2019-03-12 22.20.28.png

To add a Blog Post, go to Blog under the Secondary Navigation area.

Screenshot 2019-03-12 22.19.48.png

When adding a Post, you will need to include a Thumbnail and an excerpt. You will find these under the Options section when adding the post.


Adding a post to the Homepage

The two most recent posts will appear on the Homepage automatically, with this Thumbnail image and excerpt.

Adding a post to the top of the Blog Page

Two Featured posts appear at the top of the Blog page. To choose which posts show here, you will need to click “Featured Post” under Options on the Settings of the Post.


Screenshot 2019-03-12 22.40.16.png

To add items to the shop, you’ll go to Shop under the “Not Linked” area (NOT “Shop” under the Secondary Navigation area.)

Screenshot 2019-03-12 22.40.36.png

When you click on Shop, you’ll be taken to the Product Manager Page. In the Upper Right Hand corner, you will see a plus sign. Click on this to add a product.

From this page, you can also rearrange the main Shop Page, and edit any existing products.


Additional Info on Products

To input Additional Info on products, when creating the product (or double click on the product from the Product Manager Page) click on Additional Info at the top of the popup and you will be able to add content blocks that will appear underneath the product image, price and description.


Adding a product to the Homepage

Screenshot 2019-03-12 22.50.51.png

To add a product to the homepage, double click on the product from the Product Manager Page and click on Options at the top.

The Thumbnail image here will be image that displays on the homepage (it will also display on the Shop page.)

And then you will need to click on “Featured Product” here.

The first several characters of the Item Description will appear on the Homepage. Once written, you will need to check the break in the Description to ensure that what appears on the homepage makes sense and doesn’t overflow.


Adding a product to the top of the Shop Page

The most recent product added to the shop will appear in the Featured area at the top of the Shop Page.


To edit the Resources — including anything listed on the main Resources Landing Page — there are a few places to go.

To Edit the main Resources page, you’ll click on “Resources” under the “Primary Navigation” area.

To add/edit anything that’s listed on the Resources page, you’ll click on the “Resources Pages” folder under the “Not Linked” area.

There, you’ll find the place to add to, among other things, the Weekly Bible Studies. Click on “Weekly Bible Studies” to add a post.

Screenshot 2019-03-12 21.06.45.png

Adding a weekly Bible Study Post

Screenshot 2019-03-12 21.11.39.png

When you are adding a Weekly Bible Study, make sure to give it a category — either an existing Bible Study Category, or create a new one if it is a new category.

By giving it the category of one of the existing Bible Studies, the Post will be added to the appropriate Bible Study Page.

Creating a New Bible Study Series

Screenshot 2019-03-12 21.38.45.png

To create an entirely new Bible Study Series, begin by creating a new post just as you would have above. Under Categories, create a new category for the post associated with the Series (you can name it anything you’d like that is not an existing category.)

Next, click on the Gear when hovering over a current Bible Study Page (i.e. Refined) to display the settings. Scroll down and click on Duplicate Page.

Screenshot 2019-03-12 21.39.58.png

Rename the Page with the current Bible Study Series.

Next, go through and edit the header, details, etc.

In the area with the list of posts, click Edit and under the popup, click “Display.” You’ll see an area with “Category Filter,” in which you should type in your new category.

This will create the page with your new Category of Bible Study Posts. As you create each post, and give it the appropriate Category, your entry will show up automatically on this page.

Now you’ll need to modify the Bible Study Landing Page to create a link to the Bible Study Series you just created. To do so, go back to the Bible Studies page under “Not Linked” > “Resources Pages” Folder. There, you’ll add an Image, Description and Button for the Series — link the image and the button to the new page you just created.