21 Days to Beat Depression - Day 3

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21 Days To Beat Depression - Day 3

"Be not grieved or depressed for the joy of the Lord is your strength."  - Nehemiah 8:10

So many things, products and disciplines in life boast that they have the power to strengthen you.  Truly, truly, there is only one commodity that will strengthen you in your innermost being and that is the joy of the Lord.

The joy of the Lord strengthens you and empowers you to be the person that God thought of when He first thought of you.  Joy is not a weak, insipid, rapidly changing emotion but it is at its best when life is at its worst.

If you plod through life without the strength that only His joy can deliver, it will turn you into a weak, whining and ineffective Christian.

We really do have an enemy, his name is Satan, and he has a strategic life plan for you just like God does.  Satan’s plan is to steal your joy and to weaken your resolve.  Satan’s plan is to infect you with disappointment and vaccinate you with discouragement.  How does he do that, you may ask?  Well ... I am so glad that you asked because I do have an answer for you!

The devil is not after your health and he could care less about your marriage or your finances.   Your children don’t mean a thing to the devil but what the devil is after is your joy and the way that he tries to steal your joy is by going after your health, your marriage, your finances and your children.

The devil knows that he cannot deny you of your salvation or of the forgiveness that Jesus has given to you.  So, what he tries to steal is the most valuable commodity that he is able to get his greedy little hands on.  Satan is relentless and he will do everything that he can to lie to you and eventually deceive you out of your joy.

Today, let me challenge you to stand toe to toe... nose to nose with the accuser of the brethren and declare in his ugly little face, “Satan... you can not!!  You will not!!  You will never be able to take my joy from me!”

When you choose to defy the enemy with the joy that Jesus died to give you, you will become a powerful force in the world today.  God can use joyful Christians who are bold enough to hang onto their joy no matter what is going on in their circumstances.


Today, there are 2 assignments in the “Practical Application” segment of “21 Days to Beat Depression!”

  1. Write someone a thank you note who has been a blessing and an encouragement to you. Tell them how much you appreciate them and the role that they have played in your life. Write it and mail it today! Don’t wait until tomorrow!

  2. List three more things for which you are grateful in your “Thanksgiving Every Day of the Year” list! Don’t forget to share your morsels of gratitude on Twitter or on Facebook with #21daystobeatdepression!


I declare today that Satan will no longer steal my joy!  I will be a strong and powerful Christian because God’s presence has given to me the gift of joy!


Dear Jesus, I love You so much and I am so thankful for Your joy.  Thank You that it is Your joy that strengthens me and propels me into all that You have for me this year.  Father, even on the days when I do not humanly “feel” joy, I know that I have it because you promised it to me.  I stand on Your promises not on my feelings.  In the powerful Name of Jesus I pray.  Amen."