21 Days to Beat Depression - Day 14

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21 Days To Beat Depression - Day 14

“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” - Romans 15:13

After years and years suffering from debilitating depression, I have asked God to make me an expert on joy!  I already knew more than one woman should ever be allowed to know about depression so I was determined to turn it all around ... and focus on joy!

This is what I know:

Depression weakens you and joy strengthens you! Depression is black and joy is filled with hope and promise!Depression is cruel and joy is kind. Depression cuts off the source of life and joy fertilizes abundant life! The language of depression is blame and bitterness while the language of joy is blessing and benefit! We were not made for depression ... we were made for joy!

The questions remains, however, “How do we get from depression to joy?”

The answer is not always an easy one but is always a hopeful one.

We turn away from depression one minute at a time.  We set one emotional foot in front of the other and determine to walk away from depression and toward the Kingdom of joy.

We choose to read the Bible. Every day. We choose to smile sweetly at a stranger. We choose to worship enthusiastically when we would rather mope. We deny our feelings and offer up a desperate prayer instead. We give generously to people who don’t deserve it. We are selective in what we read, what we watch on TV and what we listen to on the radio. We only fill our souls with items that will encourage our ravenous emotional appetites. We forgive completely and refuse bitterness. We walk away from depression and toward joy one step at a time... one choice at a time... one minute at a time. The choice is yours. Which way are you walking today?


  1. Determine today that not one negative word will come out of your mouth. Don’t gossip, criticize or complain. Allow every word that travels across your pearly whites to only be words of blessing, praise and thanksgiving!

  2. Be those most thankful version of yourself possible! Get out that “Thanksgiving Every Day of the Year” journal and be lavish with your list of gratitude. How about listing 4 things today for which you are grateful? #21daystobeatdepression!


I declare that from this day forward I will only walk toward joy and never away from it.  I declare that the words of my mouth will change and that I will use my tongue as an instrument of blessing and not blame.


“Lord Jesus, I love You so much and I ask You to sit on the throne of my emotions.  I ask that all of my emotions will bow to Your loving and eternal Lordship.  I need You, Lord.  I need Your presence and Your strength as I travel away from depression and toward joy.  Thank You for Your help.  In Jesus’ Name I pray.  Amen.”