21 Days to Beat Depression - Day 13

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21 Days To Beat Depression - Day 13

“... Weeping may last for the night, but a shout of joy comes in the morning!” - Psalm 30:5

There is, indeed, such a thing as a broken heart and the Bible poignantly and powerfully deals with the issues that break our hearts.  A broken heart will make you wretch with pain and heave with sorrow.  A broken heart will leave you gasping for breath.

Knowing that there certainly are circumstances that have the potential of leaving a parade of broken hearts in their wake, how does a Christian deal with a broken heart?  Is it possible for a believer to grapple with a broken heart in a different manner than non-believers?  God truly does have a strategy for broken hearts that is able to put your life – and your heart – back together again.

God knew that while living this side of heaven that there would be people, events and issues that would break the hearts of His beloved children and so He has a plan for the most devastating moment in your life:

“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” - Psalm 34:18

The word “broken” in Hebrew is the word  “shabar” and it means “to rend violently, wreck or crush; to maim, cripple, to shatter or break.”  The ancient Hebrew is a very descriptive language and so this word “shabar” comes not only with a listed definition but also with situations that it was used in the description of.  This word was used to describe ships that had been splintered and torn from stem to stern due to ferocious and wild winds.  It was also used to describe the action of tearing and ripping that wild, ravenous beasts performed upon their prey.  It could literally be translated “the ruptured hearted ones.”

When the Psalmist declares that “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted”, his words are words spoken with tender care and great compassion.  He is reminding all of Christendom in the epochs yet to come that the Lord is lovingly attentive to those who are enduring unimaginable pain.  This pain may have been caused by a great tempest in your life or by a wild and ferocious person but the Lord is standing attentively beside you paying diligent attention to your shattered and bleeding heart.

If you have ever suffered from this torturous condition, I can assure you that you were never out of His care.  If, today, you are emotionally torn apart and wonder how you will make it through one more today, I want to comfort you with the surety that He is with you now.  God is close to you and has wrapped His arms of love around your life; He is hovering beside you just as a caring nurse would tend to a victim of an accident.

If you have a broken heart, or know someone who does, you can count on His presence and His closeness to bind up your wounds and to begin the healing process.  Do not push Him away at these moments of brokenness but welcome Him gladly and receive the comfort that He has for you.  So many Christians squeeze God out of their lives at the very time they need Him most desperately and when He has promised to stay close.  Even men and women who have served the Lord and loved Him for decades, when suffering from a broken heart, seek comfort in other things such as alcohol, overeating, shopping or bitterness.  May I gently remind you, that no one will comfort you like the Lord.

“Surely our griefs He Himself bore and our sorrows He carried.” - Isaiah 53:4.

Jesus has taken all of the things that have broken your heart to the cross of Calvary.  He personally carried each disappointment and anything that caused you emotional pain.  He took the events that brought emotional pain into your heart and He died for those things on the old rugged cross.  He did it because He wanted you to live an abundant life on earth!  He did not want you to carry the griefs and the sorrow and so He did it for you.  He did it in your place.  He took it so that you could carry the joy and gladness and rejoicing with you throughout your entire life.  You don't have to carry the pain … it has already been carried and has been laid at the foot of the cross.


  1. Even in moments of dire emotional pain, it is important to remember the things for which you are thankful. Take a few minutes today to record in your “Thanksgiving Every Day of the Year” journal and share your gratitude with others. #21daystobeatdepression

  2. Pray for someone whose life is falling apart. So often when we are struggling emotionally, we forget that others are dealing with their own pain. Spend some time in prayer for friends and family members who are dealing with tragedy or trauma.


I declare today that God is close to me.  God has never left me and He will never forsake me.  I declare that when my life seems to be falling apart that I will draw near to the only One Who is able to completely comfort and sustain my life.


“Dear Jesus, I love You so much and I thank You for Your dear presence even when I am struggling with emotional pain and discouragement.  I thank You that You are working the details of my life together for good and for Your glory.  Thank You for being my very best friend, my Comforter and my Hope.  In Your Name I pray.  Amen.”