It Ain't Over Till It's Over!

Christmas isn’t over yet for me and it shouldn't be “over” for you either!  You see, when the calendar comes around to January 2 each year, that is when the hard work of Christmas actually begins.

It is amazingly easy to celebrate this spectacular season of holiday magic when the red and green decorations are on display on doors, on windows, in living rooms, in churches and in places of business.

It is extremely easy to embrace the spirit of Christmas when yuletide music is blaring in every mall, on every radio station and in every sanctuary.

It is admittedly easy to remember the holiness of the sacred season when the Christmas story is being read around the family table, in Sunday school classes and as life-changing treasure in every sermon.

It is “easy-peasy” to demonstrate the heart of the season when the world stands in awe of the glory that belongs only to Christmas.

But what happens when the dreary days of January slowly pass? Where is Christmas in January?

What happens when February is loveless … when March refuses to march by … and when April doesn’t bloom like spring flowers?

Where is Christmas then?

Where is Christmas in May when it rains and rains and rains?

Where is Christmas when June holds no hope of destiny or of new beginnings?

Where is Christmas in July and August when the sun bears down without respite and when everything in life seems dry and withered?

Where is Christmas in September when all of your heartfelt plans are dying and blowing in the wind like brown leaves rapidly falling from the trees?

Where is Christmas in October when you have experienced no harvest year after year after year?

Where is Christmas in November when there is little to be thankful for?

Is Christmas found only in December when once again that infamous wreath is hung on your front door and the local radio station begins to play the strains of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”?

The hard work of Christmas happens in your heart and in your lifestyle when the world says that Christmas is over.  Christmas was never meant to be “over” but it was always meant to be a perpetual celebration of all that we believe in Christendom.

The God of the universe came as a Baby to save His creation from their sins.  That one piece of information alone deserves celebration and thunderous applause 365 days of the calendar year!

Christmas washes away the depression of January and replaces the dark residue with a song of hope.

Christmas is what brings true Love in February and is what offers Light to the cold and windy days of March.

Christmas causes all things to be new in April and then plants a resilient garden that will spring up in the days of May.

Christmas gives destiny and hope to June!

The message of the Christmas story offers the breeze of the Holy Spirit to the relentless heat of July and August.

The Christmas story promises new and vital growth in spite of September’s dying leaves and gives abundance to the harvest season of October.

Christmas is the prayer of Thanksgiving in November and then explodes with joy and with triumphant song in December!

As believers in and as embracers of the Christmas story, it is our serious responsibility and willful discipline to exhibit all that Christmas represents every day in 2017. 

If you and I don’t sing … who will?

If you and I don’t rejoice … who will?

If you and I don’t celebrate … who will?

If you and I don’t give to the less fortunate … who will?

If you and I don’t tell the Christmas story … who will?

If you and I don’t demonstrate the goodwill of Christmas in 2017 … who will?

I have a challenge for you this year. It’s a simple challenge and easily doable but you will need to take personal responsibility for actually carrying through on this calendar challenge.

On the first day of every month this year, will you read Luke Chapter 2 and be reminded of the miracle of Christmas?  Will you allow your soul to be rejuvenated by the power of the Gift that was given not only in December but also in March … and in August … and in October?

Will you listen to the lyrics of “Joy to the World” on the first day of every calendar month this year?  Will you allow the heart of Christmas to be your constant companion and your greatest challenge this year?

Will you smile at strangers in February and will you volunteer at the City Mission in September?  Will you give a financial blessing to a single mom in April and bake cookies for your neighbors in June?

Will you share your faith in Jesus Christ during every month?  Will you invite people to your church in May and in July?

Even heathens and the unchurched celebrate Christmas in December but we are the people of the living God and it is our call to sing the song of Christmas even when the world is silent!

I dare you to BE Christmas to the world 365 days this year.  I challenge you to enthusiastically embrace the call of Christmas even when the world ignores it.

The message and heart of Christmas is so victorious and so resilient that it should soar above every other season of life! Nothing … absolutely nothing has the power to quench the song of this defining and triumphant event.

It ain’t over till it’s over, my friend, and Christmas is never really over.  The song of Christmas has only just begun!