Hello From India!

When you read this, I will be in India! And truthfully, I didn’t want to go.

I love America! I love hot showers, clean sheets and food that has been properly prepared. I love air conditioning and water that is not disease-ridden.

Doesn’t God know that I am not the world’s greatest traveler and don’t really enjoy flying?! Didn’t He get the memo on that one?!

I like my own house … my own stuff … and my own territory. I like my own bed.

But God has asked me to go to India and because I really do try not to say “No” to Him … here I am! I am half-way around the world in a country that holds none of the comforts of home but all of the opportunities of making an impact.

This is hard for me … and I love it! I love it because God is in it and because He has called me out of my comfort zone to a difficult place.

Have you ever heard the quote, “Do something so hard that you will fail unless God intervenes!”?! Yep … I am there right now.

I am at the intersection of “God” and “hard”.

I am at the crossroads of “I don’t like this” and “God said, ‘Go!’ “

I am at the junction of, “impossible” and “possible”!

What a great place to live! I was made for this!!

But I don’t want this to be about me … I want you to walk a mile in my shoes.

When was the last time that you did something hard? When was the last time that you heard God’s voice calling you out of the known into the unknown?

When was the last time that you left behind ordinary for God’s extraordinary?

When was the last time that you walked on water?

Have you ever done something so outrageously difficult that unless God intervened you knew that you would fall flat on your lovely, American face?!

As you enjoy your iced tea this week, and read a good book, and shower in a clean bathroom, perhaps you will hear the voice of God in that place.

Maybe God is calling you to be a foster parent … or start a ministry to the homeless … or love someone of a different nationality or race.

What is your “hard” that you have been avoiding?

Listen … you have been given the power of the Holy Spirit! Nothing is too difficult for Him so nothing should be too difficult for YOU!

“All things are possible to him who believes.” – Mark 9:23

I can guarantee you that in some area of your life God is calling you out of your comfort zone. The question is … will you obey God or not? If I were you, I would think twice before I turned God down.

Maybe God is calling you to change jobs … to go into ministry … or to send someone else on the mission field.

Maybe God is calling you to give up your vacation this year and send a group of teenagers to summer camp.

Maybe God is calling you to teach Sunday School … or work in the nursery … or volunteer at youth group.

You were made for hard! You were made for the power of God to flow through your veins and to take you out of your comfort zone!

You were not made to ignore the calling and purposes of God for your life! You were not made to anesthetize your life with easy living, comfort food and endless shopping.

Life is more than pedicures, cruises and safe friendships. You were made for more!

You were made for hard!

Now … don’t get me wrong … I want you to have a great vacation, to drink clean water and to have a pedicure from time to time. But if that was all that life was about, you wouldn’t need Jesus! You would only need you!

You were made for hard! You were made for more! You were made to need Jesus every hour of every day. You were made to move mountains, to walk on water and to sweat both spiritually and emotionally.

I don’t believe that life was meant to be easy-peasy. I believe that there is great joy in tackling something that you could never accomplish in your own strength. Don’t deny yourself of this particular type of joy and purpose!

I hope that you will pray for me this week. I am speaking 15 times in about 10 days.

I am praying that God will use my tongue for His divine purposes and plans. I am praying that my ordinary, American life will bring hope to thousands of Indian women. Pray that God gives me strength in 110-degree weather and a joy that is contagious. Pray that God will use me as a vessel of hope in a hopeless nation.

And … do you know what I am going to do? I am going to pray for YOU! I am going to pray that you will hear God’s voice and obey. I am going to pray that you won’t shy back from “hard” but that you will run headfirst into the unknown!

Because after all … you were made for hard! The God of all power and strength lives inside of you! It’s time for you to get out of that comfortable boat … take a deep breath … and keep your eyes on Jesus!

And I will be cheering for you … all the way from India!