He is More Than Enough!

You are enough!

You are more than enough!

You are enough to mother the children that you have been given.

You are enough to be the husband or wife that God has called you to be.

You are enough to love the difficult people in your office and in your extended family.

You are enough, my friend. You are enough.

You are enough to love the unlovely and to be kind to the cruel.

You have what it takes to forgive your abuser and to bless your enemy.

You are enough.

Widows … you are enough to get through another lonely day! You can dream again … hope again … and embrace life again!

Empty nesters … your job is not over yet! You can pray … and encourage … and serve still! Because … you are enough!

Women who are dealing with infertility … you can still give birth! You can give birth to plans and possibilities! You can give the world the gift of heaven’s joy even when your arms are empty! You are enough!

If you are unemployed … you are enough! You are not diminished by the world’s lack of appreciation of your gifts and talents. God has a plan for you that is astounding and fulfilling! You are enough because He is enough! You are enough because He is your Provider and your Employer!

You are enough teen-ager … and young mom … and career woman … and retired person!

You. Are. Enough.

And, the reason that you are enough is because the greater God lives inside of you.

“You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; for greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.” – I John 4:4

I have learned that the weakest and ugliest part of me actually has the potential to be the strongest and most beautiful part of me when I allow Him to fill that spot with all that He is and all that He has.

When I am impatient with my spouse … I must ask God to fill that weak spot in me with His eternal patience.

I am not limited by that anemic part of me … but I am empowered by His greatness!

When my disability meets God’s ability … I have the potential to change the world in which I am honored to live!

When my lack meets His great provision … I will celebrate a grand display of heaven’s glory in my life!

When my fragility is introduced to His strength … there is no mountain that is able to stand in the way!

You are enough. I am enough. He is more than enough.

What a winning team we make!

So often, I am tempted to walk through this adventure called “life” with my eyes cast downward and with shame and guilt packed into my miniature heart. My feet woefully drag as I consider all of my mistakes, my failures and the way that people mistakenly perceive me.

I slog through yet another day … with still no driving purpose … and with not enough energy to get everything done.

Distractions distract.

Impossibilities intimidate.

People prevent.

Events frustrate.

I am out of breath not even knowing if I can take one more step.

And yet … the Holy Spirit whispers, “You are enough because I am more than enough.”

The Holy Spirit pleads with me, “Breathe again! Hope again! Live again! You have what it takes because you have Me.”

You see, our human weakness was never meant to define us nor was it meant to determine the type of life that we live. Our human weakness was meant to propel each one of us into His arms and into His dear presence.

My weakness is actually the compass that points me toward His strength.

And that ugly part that claws for position inside of each of us?! “Ugly” was never meant to deny any of us the possibility of creating a beautiful and meaningful life.

His healing power and His strength are able to rejuvenate and to restore anything in us that is defective or lacking.

If you feel unsightly, know that He sees you as lovely. He looks at you through the Cross of Calvary and sees beauty. Perfection. A Masterpiece.

Can you hear Him? Can you hear His voice cheering you on?!

“You are enough because I am more than enough!”

If you are single … you are enough! You and God are enough to change the world … to make an impact … to live a full and exciting life!

If you have been rejected … you are still enough! God embraces you and calls you, “Beloved!”

“The apple of My eye!”

“Chosen … Wanted … Protected … and Cared for!”

Jesus says that you are to die for! So take that, rejection!

And if you have blown it … you are still enough. God actually specializes in people who have been deceived by the stupid lies of the enemy.

Just ask Moses. Or Abraham. Or David. Or Paul. Or the prodigal son.

If you have been trapped by sin … run into the arms of the One Who is Enough.

Always and eternally Enough.

“Sin” is no longer your identity. You are defined by Him. The One Who is Enough.

So take a deep breath. Look into His face. Lift your hands in the air and worship the God Who is greater. The God Who is enough.

Declare His Word over your circumstances. You no longer have to agree with the enemy nor should you agree with your emotions! Agree with His Word … and His thoughts … and His promises … and His opinion!

He is able to put that sparkle back into your eyes … and the spring back into your step! The One Who is “Life” is able to restore … and to renew and to revitalize the weakened mess that your life has become! Because, my friend, He is enough!