The Promise

It’s nearly May 1 … the sun is almost shining daily now. The frigid clouds of winter have finally hung their heads in shame and have made way for the billows of spring.

The thermometer is about to go above 60 degrees.  I just want to shout at the hope of things to come!

The mornings are warming up … the snow has disappeared … the icicles are gone … and I am one happy girl!

This is my favorite time of year as I look ahead to the lazy, long, hot days of summer.

Summer is not here yet … but I am so happy I can hardly contain myself.  Spring is re-introducing itself to my cold toes and wind-chapped cheeks. 

Nice to meet ya’, Spring! 

And close behind spring comes its beloved sibling … SUMMER!!!

I picture myself on the back deck sipping a tall glass of unsweetened iced tea.  I can hear the birds singing and the bees buzzing in the hot summer sunshine.  I can smell the fresh cut grass. That. Makes. Me. Happy.

I am not there yet … the back deck still has remnants of a long, hard winter … but my heart is rejoicing over all that is to come!

I am nearly shouting with glee so great is my joy over what is headed my way over the course of the next 4 calendar months! 

May … June … July … and August.

After a ferocious and frozen winter that has lasted nearly 6 months, I have put my face toward the calendar date of May 1 and await with grand expectation the days of summer that are certainly in my future.

I know that summer is coming.  It’s coming … it’s coming … it’s coming.

I don’t have one doubt.  Winter will not last into June … it does not have the audacity nor the permission to linger beyond its monthly boundaries. 

I just know that summer is only a few short weeks away and so I rejoice … I sing … I shout over what I am unable to see with my eyes but have the absolute faith for in my sun-deprived heart.

The sure promise of what is ahead gives me joy today.

The certainty of what tomorrow holds creates a grin on my countenance today.

The ever-increasing nearness of sunshine, humidity, glorious flowers and firefly evenings all set my heart rejoicing today!  Now … before it even happens!

And then … the Holy Spirit gently whispers into my winter-weary heart … “Carol, your loudest shout should ALWAYS come before something happens.”

And with those words … I am humbled once again.

Why is it when I am unable to see something in the natural that I whine and complain?  Why is it that I grow impatient with all that God has promised to me and rather than rejoicing with expectation … I have been known to groan with frustration.  And complain with agitation.

How dare I tap my toe and shake my head at God?  How dare I?

Just as spring is around the very next corner … so are the promises of God.  After all, He has never made a promise that He has not kept.

Our loudest and most enthusiastic shout should never be a shout of thanksgiving for all that has transpired … but our loudest and most enthusiastic shout should always be about what has been promised.

We are, after all, the people who are called to walk by faith and not by sight.

We should be identified by the prevenient yell that comes as a prelude to an actual and expected event.

Anyone is able to roar in gratitude after a gift has been given … but it takes a stubborn believer and a person filled with audacious faith to bellow in certain anticipation of a promised event.

And just as I joyfully scream in the prospect of long, summer days … so should I splendidly shout in the expectation of a healing … or of a needful provision … or the answer to a long-awaited prayer.

Your loudest cheer should be because of what you see in your future not over what you have experienced in your past.

And so, as certain as spring follows winter … and as surely as summer follows spring … I stand in absolute worship about what God is about to do in my life.

I don’t need to experience it factually to rejoice in it by faith.

My shout is an anticipatory cheer and echoes across the pages of the calendar of my heart.  I will sing in advance and I will raise a psalm of gratitude even before God answers my prayer.  I will.

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen, for by it the men of old gained approval.” – Hebrews 11:1 & 2