And Then I Became a Mom...


I’ve always wanted to move mountains.  I’ve always wanted to make a difference.  I have always believed that I had been born to make an impact that would long outlive my life.

I thought that I would write best sellers … speak before 1,000’s … compose great symphonies … travel to unknown lands with only my Bible and the power of Christ … leave my mark on humanity in some significant manner.

I thought that I could be the first woman president … or be the first female anchor for the network news … or break the corporate ceiling that no woman had ever been able to break.

And then I became a mom.

I changed diapers and inserted pacifiers back into little rosebud mouths in the middle of the night.

I rocked and sang and rocked and sang.   I loved the way a baby felt in my arms.  I loved smelling newborn skin … so fresh from heaven.

I made up sweet little songs that spoke of love and wonder and the miracle of children.

"Think about growing up … think about getting big;
Think about Mimi’s house and think about ice cream cones.
Think about bunny rabbits and think about going to the beach;
Think about Mommy and Daddy and Matthew and Chrisser and Jordan, Joy and Joni.”

Some of my unforgettable lyrics on the hit-parade of motherhood are just too good to be true:

“Cuz you’re the sweetest and the best!”
“You’re precious and you’re special to your mom!”
“I love you when you’re little … I love you when you’re big … I love you anytime at all … I love you little-big!”
"10 more days ‘til Christmas … 10 more days ‘til fun! ...10 more days ‘til presents … you’ll love them everyone!  10 more days ‘til Jesus was born upon this earth;  10 more days and we’ll celebrate His birth!”

I made thousands of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and most days ate only the left-over crusts for my lunch.

I read “Little House on the Prairie”, “Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel”, “Pat the Bunny”, and “Carry On, Mr. Bowditch”, until I had each story memorized line by wonderful line.

I painted Easter Eggs by the dozens … celebrated birthdays with incredible love and enthusiasm yet stayed on a budget …  and endeavored to discipline with tenderness and resolve.

I was a homeschool mom for 23 years.   I gave up corporate success, high-paying jobs and momentary recognition for multiplication tables, American history and laughable art projects.  Was I crazy or what?!!

I folded laundry without ceasing … wiped runny McLeod noses day and night … laughed at knock-knock jokes time after time after time … and fell into an unmade bed absolutely too exhausted to breathe every single night.

But do you know what else I did?  I prayed and hell shook.

I prayed and heaven applauded.

I supplicated for the 5 little lives that I had been given and my prayers created masterpieces.

I stayed on my knees and a great and glorious symphony was born in the heart of a young man who would grow up to be a worshipper.

I cried out to God and the heart of a missionary was born in one freckle-faced girl when she was too little to talk.

I begged God for His favor and a leader who would change the world was discipled under my roof.

I petitioned the Creator of the universe and He called forth power and wisdom in the life of a little boy who loved frogs, fireflies and the forest.

I asked God to give me the ability to change the world and He gave to me a daughter who would carry on in my stead.

Moms … never overlook the important calling that you have been given in the midst of the mundane.

Grandmothers … know that your prayers are making a rich and eternal difference in the hearts of the next generation.

Aunts … stay on your knees!  That is your position of power!

If you think that all you are doing is making beds, warming up left-overs and trying to pay the bills … my, my my!  You have it all wrong!

You are here, mother, to bring down strongholds with your powerful entreaties!

You are alive, grandmother, to make a way where there seems to be no way!

You are called, aunts and sisters and step-mothers, to believe when everyone else has given up.

And Then I Became a Mom pic 1.jpg

Never look at the ordinariness of your life and mistakenly believe that you will never make a difference in anyone’s life.

When the heart of a mother is committed to prayer … mountains crumble and fall.

When the voice of a woman cries out to heaven … history is changed.

Believe me … I know.