“Selfie” was the Oxford Dictionary word of the year for 2013.  This is how “selfie” is defined by said dictionary, “A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.”

The sentence that the Oxford Dictionary uses as an example of how to use the word “selfie” is this, “Occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself everyday isn’t necessary.’

I agree, Oxford Dictionary, I agree.

The editors of the Oxford Dictionary have revealed that the use of the word “selfie” was increased by 17,000% in just one year.  Could that possibly imply that we are 17,000% percent more addicted to self than we were last year at this time?

I don’t understand selfies.  I don’t understand the uncontrollable urge to post picture after picture of “self” on social media.

Before anyone stops reading … let me just tell you … I love social media!  I love staying in touch with far away friends and family due to the magic of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I love watching your babies grow up … seeing your children get married … and celebrating anniversaries with you.

I love your recipes and your holidays.

I love vicariously going on vacation with each one of you.  I will probably never make it to Maui, London and the Bahamas except through the eyes and camera lens of my friends.

I love reading your wise quotes, silly sayings and pondering life’s deep questions with you.

I read your political opinions but wisely choose not to comment on them.  I have opinions, too, but have just decided that Facebook is not the place for that conversation.

I love knowing what books you are reading … how much weight you have lost … and your grandparents’ love story.

I love your blogs and I am committed to pray for you as you process the empty nest, difficult divorces, tragic losses and running marathons.

However, what deeply concerns me about our culture’s selfish and self-serving addiction to technology is the uncontrollable urge that social media instigates to post picture after picture of self with contorted facial expressions, sexy poses and doe-eyed incredulity.

I do not believe that posting selfies increases anyone’s self-esteem.  I do not believe that taking vast numbers of pictures of oneself adds to one’s value as a person.

Call me old-fashioned … call me out of touch … call me holier-than-thou.  But I can tell you that you are precious and valuable if your picture is never again posted on social media.

Allow me to soften my opinion … have I told you that I adore seeing your pictures from your high school reunion?

I delight in the pictures that you post of your children graduating from high school!

My eyes fill with tears when I see a teen-ager receiving a diploma, an award or winning a championship.

Seeing you with a group of  cherished, life-long friends makes me so happy! 

And … oh my!  Seeing pictures of your holding your new baby or grandbaby sends shivers up my baby-loving spine!

I even like the pictures of you and your dog from time to time!!

But let me tell you this … focusing predominantly on self will never reveal your God-given purpose.  You are more than your weight, your make-up or than your new wardrobe.

You are more than your new hair-cut and your fancy pedicure.

You are more than how you look in skinny jeans and in a tank top with a little bit of cleavage showing.  You are so much more.

You are more than your hashtags.





You were created in the image of God and for His purposes and until you understand that, selfies are a distraction from all that you can be in Him.

You are more than the number of “likes” you get on the selfies that you publish.  God is crazy about you!  He is head over heels in love with you!  He created every inch of you and you are His masterpiece!

God “likes” everything about you!

What if, in spite of culture, we truly applied the Word of God to our principles concerning our relationship with social media?

“He must increase but I must decrease.” – John 3:30

Let’s start a new trend!  Let’s force the Oxford Dictionary to consider these words for their prestigious book …

Servies” – A photograph that one has taken while serving others typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

"Youies” – A photograph that one has taken of friends, family members and strangers as a record of how their beautiful lives are impacting others.

Families” – A photograph that one has taken to celebrate the gift of family!

“Godsies” – A photograph that one has taken to record the fingerprint and creative genius of God on creation.