She Is...The Head of Homeland Security

You, as a mother, are called and empowered by the King of all Kings to protect your home front from evil and sinister enemies.  There is a war going on for the peace of your home and for the destinies of your children and you have been chosen to keep the enemy out of your domain.

God has given to every mother the resources of His supernatural intelligence to discern what is going on in the heavenlies over your home and over the lives of your children.  You must identify the enemy as the liar who comes into your family and endeavors to steal all that you hold dear and virtuous.  As mothers, we must be willing to fight with adversity not to flirt with it.

Your children, your husband and your home should legitimately expect that the home in which they live gets safer every day because of your powerful influence.  You are the Director of Homeland Security and you are MOM!

Be a quick and definitive responder to the approach of the enemy’s influence.  Do not tolerate anything less than godliness and wisdom in your home.  Make every decision in your home not based upon popularity or emotion but based upon the principles in the Word of God.

The Director of Homeland Security must also protect the citizens of the nation against bioterrorism.  Bioterrorism is not an outward threat but an inward disease-causing agent.  You must be continuously wakeful as you are on the watch for dangerous heart attitudes, paralyzing emotions and crippling habits.  When a child becomes negative or critical it is like venom in a family’s home and will do quick and serious damage if you do not decisively respond.

As the Director of Homeland Security, you are privy to information that others may not have.  Be on the offensive with your children and investigate the video games they enjoy, the music groups they listen to, the programs they regularly watch and the lifestyles of their sports heroes.  Ask God to give you discernment concerning each child and concerning the battles that rage around their individual hearts.

You won’t always have this particular job in the lives of your children but someday you will stand on the porch and watch them take up the wisdom and armor of God as they go into the battlefield of our culture.  But, for today, it is your job and your domain.  Be relentless!

She is … the wise and intuitive Head of Homeland Security!

TEAM MOM!!  Whether you're a homeschool mom, public school mom, mom of teens or newborns, nursing mom or bottlefeeding mom;  we're all in this together!!  Let's link arms and help each other on this mothering journey!  Here are a few ideas to bless the moms in your world today -

1.  Stay at Home Mom - Bless a Working Mom!

  • Make her a home cooked meal for the family...or a fresh baked pie!  Give her something that would bless her as she comes home after a long day at work!

2.  Working Mom - Bless a Stay at Home Mom!

  • Bless her with a gift card for take-out from the family's favorite restaurant....or a pedicure at a nearby salon!

3.  Bless a Special Needs Mom!

  • Caring for a special needs child is a gift, isn't it?  Send her a handwritten note or card, letting her know what a gift she is to her children.  Send her flowers or a small gift to let her know that you see her and that what she is doing has value!

4.  Bless a Single Mom!

  • Offer to watch her children so that she can run errands...grab a coffee...or just re-charge!  Or, maybe you could send her a gift card to a family friendly restaurant like Chuck E Cheese or Dave & Busters...a place where the kids can have fun and she can relax a bit.

5.  Bless a Caretaker who isn't necessarliy Mom...but is walking in the Mom shoes!

  • Send her flowers and an encouraging note....send her a great book filled with hope and encouragement....ask how you could pray for her and the situation

These are just a few ideas to get your creative blessing juices flowing!  Now go ahead...go out this weekend and BLESS A MOM!  We're in it together...let's go TEAM MOM!!