She Is...A Warrior!

A mom is a warrior who fights for her children on her knees.  From the day that your child was conceived until the day that you, the mother, go to heaven, no one holds the power in prayer that you have been given.

Destinies are developed on your knees … battles are won on your knees … wise strategy is given on your knees … strongholds are ripped apart on your knees … unhealthy relationships are ended on your knees … heaven moves and hell shakes when a mother fights for her children on her knees.

Are you spending time in prayer every day for the children that you have been given?  All other activities should cease or diminish in the light of the power that is yours as a solitary woman on your knees.  I believe that the power that has been given to a mother in prayer is greater than the power of the atomic bomb, the cure for cancer or world peace.

When you hold your newborn baby in your arms, pray that he or she would accept Jesus into their heart at an early age.  Pray that the fruits of the Spirit will grow in abundance in this young life.  Pray that this little life will grow into a great man or woman of God and that he or she will walk in their destiny every day of their life.  Thank God that nestled inside this life is the strategy to change the world at this moment in history!

When your children are small, start every day with prayer.  Pray as they are brushing their teeth that they would be obedient and that the Lord would protect them that day.  Pray at every meal and teach them to be grateful not only to God but also for the hands that prepared and provided the food.

Pray with your children if they have an altercation with a sibling, if they are facing a difficult test at school or if they are suffering from rejection or a broken heart.  Prayer is not only powerful but it is also a healing agent as well.

Pray with your children every night at bedtime whether they are newborn babies or just days away from college.  Make this a family tradition that is treasured and anticipated.  When you pray for them at bedtime, go over the events of the day and pray about their concerns.  This is the prayer that I prayed over my children every night that they were under my care and my roof,

"Jesus, thank You for Matthew.  Give him happy dreams and happy sleep.  Keep him safe and healthy and strong so that he will grow into a man of God who will serve and love You all the days of his life.  And always let him know how much his mom and dad love him.  Amen.”

Then, when the lights are out and your family is peacefully asleep, your prayer assignment has just begun!

If your children are grown, always remember that our adult children can run from our words but never escape the power of our prayers.  So, our strategy as our children grow up and leave the family home, is to talk less and pray more!  Quit talking and start praying!

As a mother, your most powerful and victorious position is on your knees!  Pray to be a better mom … a stronger mom … a kinder mom … a more patient mom … a more creative mom.  Pray for God to fill the empty places in you so that you can be the mom that God has called you to be for the children that He has given to you.

A mom … is a prayer warrior like no other!

Click here to download a higher quality version of the Calendar of Bible Verses for Mom.

Printable Calendar of Bible verses for Mom!

Printable Calendar of Bible verses for Mom!