She Is...A Wardrobe Stylist!

You are in charge of what heart habits and attitudes your children choose to wear every day.  You must make sure that your children are dressed not only for success but also for service.  You must make sure that every emotion that decorates your child’s life is an accessory to life that is lovely and not distracting.

Loving difficult people never goes out of style so make sure that your children are well-equipped to love the fractious, ornery people that may come across their pathway today.  Your child will be the most beautiful version of him or herself not when they are dressed in designer clothes but when they are dressed in humility and in unconditional love.

Choosing to wear the attractive attribute of kindness and gentleness is a piece of spiritual and emotional clothing that is gender exclusive!  It comes in both pink and blue!

Making sure that your children are adorned with patience and self-control may take some extra effort on your part … but it will be worth it in the long haul of life!  You might need to iron out the wrinkles of selfishness and frustration but the difference that it will make will be nothing short of stunning.

When your children leave your home for school, to visit the home of a friend or to attend extracurricular activities, their lives become a fashion show of what you have allowed them to wear inside the home.  What they are wearing on the inside of their heart is often more impactful than what they are wearing on the outside of their body.

Every time one of my children walked out the front door, my parting words were, “Use wisdom!”  I wanted to make sure that “wisdom” was the most visible aspect of their emotional wardrobe. 

Pay attention to the details of their emotional and spiritual wardrobe!  Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference.  We must not allow our children to falsely believe that rolling their eyes, sighing loudly or muttering under their breath is a stylish way to dress.  Respect and a thankful heart attitude are actually at the height of fashion sense in every generation!

She is … a savvy wardrobe stylist!

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