She Is...A Travel Agent!

A mom is a travel agent because she spends the greatest part of her life preparing her children for their journey into adulthood.  A mother must do research and then educate her children for the world that waits outside the family home.  She then must send them on their way to foreign fields and experiences.

Travel agents always warn their clients about potential and deadly diseases that they may face in the foreign climates.  We must warn our children that unforgiveness may cripple, that bitterness will paralyze, that profanity will cause halitosis and that disrespect will stunt one’s growth.

Travel agents also prepare their assigned travelers for the social customs that will be encountered in the culture to which they are traveling.  Mothers must train miniature pilgrims to look adults in the eye, to always smile at children and to be on time for all appointments in life.  We must remind our excursionists the importance of spending money wisely, of listening respectfully to people when they speak and of being faithful in all commitments.  We must teach the voyagers that they must leave a place better than they found it and to do all things with excellence.

A travel agent helps the young explorer plan the trip but then waves good-bye.  As a travel agent, be prepared to say “good-bye” to your children someday.  You won’t be going to college with your children or living in their homes after they are married.  So prepare them for a life of not only survival but also for success!

As I was preparing one of my sons for his first year in college, my heart was broken and oh!  How I wanted him to be 6 years old again!  As I sat in my chair the night before he left, I heard the rhythm of his feet bounce out his own personal beat on the stairs of our home.  I was weeping with a pile of tissues in my lap when God spoke to my tender heart. He told me to read the words of the prophet Isaiah in chapter 33, verse 6, “The Lord will be the stability of your times …” 

I knew in that sweet moment of waving good-bye that my children were not my stability but it was the Lord who would never change. I was able to send this son out into his destiny knowing that he would go with the Lord in all of his travels.

She is … a well-prepared travel agent!

These are examples of the prayers that I prayed over my children during their time at home and away from home.  Feel free to insert your children's names as you pray these prayers over your children.