She Is...A Cheerleader!

A mom is a cheerleader.  As a mother, you must believe in your children wholeheartedly and verbally.  You have to cheer for the ones under your care whether they are winning or losing in all situations in life.  You must applaud loudly when everyone else has given up and gone home.

A mother should be the one person who only says kind words to a child and about a child.  Don’t ever say things like,

“You drive me crazy!”

“I love you but I don’t like you very much!”

“I wish that I had never had you!”

Children constantly need instruction but even words of correction should be birthed in kindness and wisdom.  Words of training that inspire change in a child’s life should never be spoken out of ugly emotion or anger.  The words that you speak over your child’s life should come from a positive point of view and serve to point them in a positive and healthy direction in life.

Even when your child is in a situation in life where they seem to be losing, you should still be the one standing on your feet and cheering vibrantly.

One of the most delightful jobs of a mother is to help each one of their children discover their gifts, talents and abilities.  If you have a child who loves to draw, put their pictures proudly on your refrigerator and send these amazing masterpieces to grandparents and cousins.  If you have a child who loves trains, take this child on a train ride and buy books about trains.  If you have a child who loves music, acquaint this one to different composers and various styles of music.

Expose your children to events and opportunities that will cultivate their gifts.

When your child has a game, a concert or a recital, you should be there regardless of what else is going on in your life.  There is no corporate meeting, business trip or personal interest that should eclipse the value of what your child is involved in.  No one can take your place because you are the head cheerleader!

Look for something good in your child every single day that you are given the delight of nurturing them.  Do not lay your head on your pillow at night if you have not said, “I love you!” at least one time to the little lives that are looking to you for encouragement and unconditional love.

She is … an enthusiastic cheerleader!