She Is...A Mailman

Every important piece of information that your child receives should come from you.  Keep an open atmosphere in your home so that your children are able to ask you anything at all.  In our home, we made it very clear that there was no such thing as a “stupid” question.  Every question that came from the heart and mouth of one of our children was valuable and therefore worthy of our wisest and most insightful answer.

Don’t judge your children for the questions that they ask you but answer them kindly and let them know that if you currently don’t know the correct answer that you will do some research and find out the answer.  Build an atmosphere in your home where there is a constant flow of information between the generations.  Include grandparents, neighbors, missionaries, teachers and others into the family conversation who can contribute to your children’s worldview.

A mom is a mailperson and every significant piece of knowledge and data should be delivered from your mouth and from your heart into the repository of your child’s life.  Your children should learn from you how to budget their money … what sex is all about … why you don’t watch certain programs  … and why we are kind to all types of people.

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow keeps the mail person from doing his or her job and so it is with you and the children who share your address.  Don’t allow adolescence, the teachable 2’s, lack of income, the absence of an education or being a single mom prevent you from being open with your kids.  As mothers, we must turn every situation that we encounter into a teaching opportunity.

“What do you think about how that girl is dressed on TV?”

“Is Thomas the Train being kind?  Who has been kind to you?”

“Do you think that is necessary to use profanity?  Why do people use profanity?  Let’s see if the Bible says anything about swearing or cursing.”

Every piece of information that you deliver to your child’s heart and mind should come special delivery from you!

She is … a dependable mailperson!  

We asked three moms their advice on - raising teenagers, becoming a stepmom, and raising children as a single these short clips for some wonderful insight!

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