Breaking the Lie that Abundance of Money = JOY

I am excited to share today's blog post with you!  My friend, Lauren Greutman of has asked me to share some thoughts on breaking the lie that abundance of money equals happiness and joy...   Be sure to click the link below to read the full article on Lauren's blog!

What is it about me and money?!  Why have I mistakenly believed for my entire adult life that in order to live a life of abundance I must earn a 6-figure income and have enough in the retirement fund to support me, my spouse and all of our progeny for decades of extravagant living?!

The Bible, which is my primary source of wisdom on every subject known to mankind and womankind, challenges my very Western, “gimme-gimme” type of thinking.  If, like me, you have falsely bought into the notion that an extraordinary life is tied to extraordinary wealth... {Continue Reading ... >>>}

Carol McLeodComment