Let There Be Joy - Day 22

The Star in You

 “And having been warned by God in a dream not to return to Herod, the magi left for their own country.” – (Matthew 2:12)

When a man or a woman engages in wholehearted worship and gives something of value to the King of Kings, how easy it becomes to hear the voice of God!  Prior to this incredible event, the Magi had to depend on earthly directions and man’s best judgment.  Now, because they knew Jesus, because they had fallen on their faces in His presence and because they had given to Him that which was of value, the guidance of God was easy to discern.

Worship, in a believer’s life, always turns up the volume of heaven!  The Magi were accustomed to obtaining all of their knowledge from the patterns of the stars, from scrolls of the great minds of the day and from earthly governments.  Now these men heard the voice of the God of the ages!  These men are discovering the wisdom of obtaining their directions from God. 

Not only did they hear His voice ... they also obeyed His voice!  Quite a change for men who so esteemed academic prestige!

God warned the wise men in a dream to return home a different route from which they had come.  Herod intended to kill the newborn King of the Jews and was waiting to procure His location from the Magi when they returned through Jerusalem.

Worship not only enables a human being to hear the voice of God but worship often changes one’s direction as well.  Worship will give a new perspective on destiny and will determine the road that you should take in order to arrive at God’s intended location for your life.  Never underestimate the role that both worship and sincere giving play in enabling you to reach your ultimate destiny in Christ.

Just like the Magi, God may want you to hear and consider His voice alone and thereby change your direction.  Your part in life’s equation is to worship Him completely and give to Him sacrificially.  Worship and giving from the heart have always been, and will always continue to be, the most important parts of Christmas!

The wise men represent our culture and its misconstrued value of commercialism, humanism and materialism.  The wise men also represent humanity on a quest and on a journey for  true meaning in life.

I believe that when Christians begin to celebrate Christmas with sincere worship and in generous giving that our culture, however currently misguided, will begin to see the Star in us. When we are brave enough to celebrate Christmas with joy and with peace … with gladness and rejoicing … with love and purpose … commercialism will pale in comparison!

God cares about how you celebrate Christmas ... He actually cares very much about the choices that you are making this achingly beautiful season of the year.  God cares because Christmas is the greatest gift that He ever gave to those whom He loved the very most!

Bible Reading: (click on the Bible verse to open in reader)

Matthew 2:12

Let There Be Joy In Me;

What are some of the traditional ways of celebrating Christmas that you can let go of in order to celebrate it in a more genuine and worshipful manner?

Give the gift of prayer to someone this year.  Commit to pray for someone who is discouraged every day.

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