Give Me Another Mountain!

Joshua.  A leader.  A warrior.  An obeyer.  A mountain-moving man.

Who was this ancient man named Joshua and what does he have to do with your life … and my life today?

Joshua and his buddy, Caleb, were sent into the Promised Land along with 10 other men to spy out the land.  Moses, their statesman and leader, wanted these 12 men to bring back a report of what they saw in the land to which the people of God had been assigned.

While the 10 companions of Joshua and Caleb only saw the giants and the impossibilities in the land … Joshua and Caleb saw the infinite size of their God and the eternal power of His might!

Joshua and Caleb weren’t intimidated by behemoth human beings that they, too, saw with their very own eyes … but they were absolutely in awe of the God Whom they had chosen to serve.

Joshua and Caleb realized what you and I often miss … we each have a choice as we take new territory for the Kingdom of God.  Will we walk by sight?  Or will we walk by faith?

Will the giants in the enemy’s territory determine our perception of who will win?  Or will our flint-like gaze cast upon the power of God determine our courage and resolute faith?

Joshua knew that the giants of the land would be an easy prey for the people of God.  Joshua declared, in the face of insurmountable odds, “The Lord is with us … do not fear them.”

This man, Joshua, in his lifetime won too many battles to count.  He led the people of God into the blessings and victories of the Promised Land.

When others had seen only giants and defeat … Joshua had chosen to keep his eyes firmly set upon the strength and power of His God.

When others had fearfully exclaimed, “I can’t!”  Joshua declared, “God can!”

When others walked by sight … Joshua walked by faith.

When others disobeyed … Joshua obeyed.

When others ignored the voice of God … Joshua heard the voice of God.

When others turned tail and ran scared …  Joshua followed the Lord with his whole heart.

The years passed quickly by as Joshua followed God with his whole heart.  Joshua became an old man and had another choice to make.

Would he retire or would he keep fighting?

Would he put his feet up or would he lead the people of God to greater victories?

Would he buy a condominium on the shores of the Jordan River or would he ask God for more?

What do you think that Joshua did?  Consider the words of this man of faith:

Now behold, the Lord has let me live, just as He spoke, these forty-five years, from the time that the Lord spoke this word to Moses, when Israel walked in the wilderness; and now behold, I am eighty-five years old today.  

I am still as strong today as I was in the day Moses sent me; as my strength was then, so my strength is now, for war and for going out and coming in.

Now, then give me this hill country about which the Lord spoke on that day!”

On Joshua’s eighty-fifth birthday, he asked God for another mountain!  He declared that his strength had not waned and that he had the courage for more battles!

These days … I often feel like Joshua.  I know that I have been assigned to take new territory for the Kingdom of God.  I know that I will face giants in the land … but when I consider the power of God … the giants are like miniature fleas.

I know that I am not as young as I used to be … but I am begging God to give me another mountain!

And so … I want to ask you two questions today …

First of all … where are you in life?  Are you asking God for another mountain?  Or do you want riverfront property and a glass of iced tea?  You see … none of us can escape the call of Joshua.

Joshua’s call is a call of power and of faith. 

Joshua’s life reminds you and me that one man … or one woman … when filled with the power of God … truly can win battles too numerous to count!

What is the territory … the mountain … the enemy to whom you have been assigned?  Will you snore your way through life or will you wake up to the call and purposes of God?

And my second question for you is this … will you help me take another mountain?

My weekly blog is always for ministry … for encouragement … and for going deeper into the things of God.  But once a year … I have determined that I will let you know that I need you.

As you consider your year-end giving, would you pray about making a donation to Just Joy! Ministries?  Would you contemplate joining the team of this Joshua and of Just Joy?

Our mountains this coming year, in 2015, are exciting, huge and God-appointed! 

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Depression will be diminished and joy will be magnified!

Hope will live and breathe again in the hearts of desperate women.

Prayers will be answered and the voice of God will be heard!

All because you … and I … answered the Joshua call of God on our lives!

HDonateello, World!

Thank you for partnering with Just Joy! Ministries!