Let There Be Joy - Day 23

Gifts Galore!

Did you know that Christmas is all about presents?!  Now ... before the self-righteous Scrooge of your personality rears its miserly head ... think about it for a minute.

Every joy-filled day of this miraculous season ... every holiday cookie that is lovingly baked ... every Christmas card that is hurriedly mailed is all about giving a gift.  Every Christmas party that you attend is about giving the gift of your presence to a group of people.  Every Christmas concert that you attend is about the gift of music being given to those in attendance.  Every meal that you bake is about giving your time and love to the people in your home.

The intent of the heart at Christmas should be to give a gift to someone who has been an important and vital part of your life during the preceding year.  Sometimes the gift is a loving sacrifice ... and at other times it is a necessary nuisance.

For some people you buy a gift because they feel that it is expected.  For others, you may buy a gift because you, quite simply, wouldn’t have it any other way.  Many people buy gifts out of tradition or out of family demands but most gifts are bought and given out of heart-felt love.  We give because we care and at Christmastime we long to express a small piece of our heart.

Heaven gave to every person in every generation the greatest Gift of all.  The Bible says, “A Child has been born for us!”  Imagine the miracle of that gift ... just drink it in the joy that God gave the gift of His Son for you!

No matter how much I love a person … no matter what value they have in my life … no matter how they have served me during the preceding year … I would never give away one of my children!  But God the Father, loved you so much, that He gave His dearly loved and treasured Son to you one Christmas morning.  You are the reason that God gave His Son.

The first Christmas, over 2000 years ago was all about presents!  It was about a Gift that came from heaven with your name on it ... with love, from God! It wasn’t wrapped in expensive red paper and tied with a bow of gold but it was a gift personally chosen for you just the same.

It was a present that Someone knew you were unable to live without.  He knew that any good thing in your life would be because of this precious Gift.  He intended that this particular Gift would change your life forever.

The gift has been given ... a Baby in a manger.  The Bible says, “God so loved the world that He gave His Son ... His only Son!”  When you love somebody ... you just have to give!  God loved you enough to give you what you wanted most of all:  unconditional love and a never-ending song in your heart.

Will you receive heaven’s gift this year?  The gift has already been given and is yours to receive.  It is the gift of a Father to His child.  It is a gift that will guarantee heaven’s entrance into all of your circumstances and a gift that will ensure your entrance into the joy of heaven.

Bible Reading:  (click the Bible verse to open in reader)

John 3:15-17

I John 1:1-7

Let There Be Joy In Me:

What is the most precious gift that you have ever given to someone?

Other than Christ, what is the most meaningful gift that you have ever received?

Write a thank you note to one person this Christmas season for the gift that their life is to you.

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