Let There Be Joy - Day 19

Academic Weirdo’s!

The Magi specialized in astronomy, the study of the stars.  These learned, cerebral men were not Jews but they were pagan astrologers from the East.  Today we would term these wise men “diviners” or “magicians”.  They were wise in the way of secular science.  They are probably the types of people that you and I would stay away from today.  Perhaps, in the 21st. Century, we would call them “humanists ... “the left side of academia” ... “weirdos”.  Quite frankly … these wealthy, esteemed men were little more than academic nuts!

These magic men came to King Herod asking where they could find the new king because it was their ultimate plan to worship and revere Him Who was born King of the Jews.

King Herod was perturbed at this news and gathered the scribes and priests to figure out where the Messiah was to be born.  These leading church scholars of the day were able to quote to King Herod a prophetic word from Micah that confirmed that the heaven sent Ruler would be born in Bethlehem.

King Herod then called for a second meeting with the Magi and sent them to Bethlehem, telling them to let him know when the Messiah was found because, he, too, desired to come and worship this new born King.

Now the question that should be asked at this juncture in this historical account is this one, “Was King Herod actually going to worship Jesus?” And the answer should be an emphatic, “Absolutely not!”

King Herod was plotting to kill the Baby who had come to bring peace on earth!  The worship of King Herod was mere lip service.  His heart had no intent of worshiping the Christ Child although his mouth construed a thoughtless and irreverent lie with the desire of manipulating the plans of the Magi.

What is your plan this Christmas?  Will you only give him your lip service?  Will you say that He is Lord while acting quite a different way?  Christmas is a time when the motives of our hearts are laid bare. 

Will you worship Him with only your mouth ... or will your heart and your life join in the high praise that He deserves?  Only you can determine this type of worship. 

You choose whether to worship Him with lip service alone or bring to Jesus, the Baby in the manger, the worship that is accompanied by a lifetime of loving actions.

Bible Reading:

Matthew 2:1-8

Let There Be Joy In Me:

Do you have anyone in your who does not believe of refuses to believe in Jesus?  What gift could you give to them this year that demonstrates your true love for them?

What does it mean to worship the King?  Does worship always involve singing?  If not, what are some other ways that you can worship the Christ Child this Christmas season?

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