Grace...What Is It?


We all need it … but what is it?

Is it just another religious word that translates into empty chatter in real life?


We all need it … but what is it?


I need grace for when I win and for when I lose.

I need grace for climbing the mountain and for when I spend time in the valley.

I need grace for valuable relationships with dear friends and for dealings with fractious and difficult people.

I need grace for the hard stuff of life and for the easy stuff of life.


I need grace for the possible and the impossible … for the ordinary and for the extraordinary … for the mundane and for the miraculous.

I need grace. 

I need grace for the dishes and for the laundry … for finances and for car repairs … for stressful driving and for mice under the dishwasher.

I need grace.

I need grace when I am running on empty and when my plate is way too full … I need grace for when I am lonely and for when others refuse to leave me alone … I need grace for those I love and for those who drive me crazy.

I need grace.

Now … if I only knew what it was.    Grace … what is it?!

Oh … I know what it is in my heart but I am not sure that I could define the word … or explain the word … or understand the word. 


Sometimes I think that if I could define it in human terms that my feeble definition would devalue grace.  And so rather than define it … understand it … or explain it … I will simply pray for grace knowing that I can’t live without it.

I know where it comes from.  There is only one place to get grace.  From Him.  From the One Who created it.

Grace is only one aching prayer away.

“Jesus, I have found myself in a spot of my own making and choosing.  I need You.  I need what only You can give to me.  I need your Grace.”

And in that place … and with that prayer …  I find it.  I find grace.

If there is anything that I know about prayer … it is this … prayer is the grace place. 

Worship is the grace place.  

Forgiveness is the grace place. 

Grace is favor I don’t deserve.  It’s love that I didn’t earn.  It’s strength that wins over weakness.

Grace is joy that sings in spite of horrific suffering … it is a tranquil peace in the middle of confusion …and it is glorious healing in the midst of raw pain.

Grace.  I need it.  He gives it.

Grace is perseverance that rises richly from within … it is wisdom that quietly answers and affirms … grace is able to flourish and triumphantly bloom in the desert.

Grace is unearned acceptance and undeserved love.  Such sweet stuff.

I don’t know what you need today … but I know that God has what you need.  He gives whatever you need in the form of His grace when you are bold enough to expose your human condition to the grace place. 

Prayer.  Worship.  Forgiveness.

When I press into grace … I am pressing into Him.

I need grace to be a mom and to be a wife.

I need grace to be a friend and to carry on.

I need grace to stop stomping through life and to glide instead.

And you better believe that you need me to stop at the grace place before our lives intersect or collide!

The grace place changes everything for every person … for every relationship … for every desert … for every minute … for every mountain … for every suffering soul … for every challenge … the grace place.

If you are weary … go to the grace place.

Prayer.  Worship.  Forgiveness.

If you are stressed out and frustrated … go to the grace place.

Prayer.  Worship.  Forgiveness.

If you are angry … go to the grace place.

Prayer.  Worship.  Forgiveness.

If you are … go to the grace place.

Prayer.  Worship.  Forgiveness.

If you have questions … go to the grace place.

Prayer.  Worship.  Forgiveness.

I’ll meet you there … in the grace place. 

We will know each other by the desperation in our eyes and the arid condition of our hearts.  We will know because we are one and the same.

Sinners in need of grace.

Saints in need of revival.

Weary travelers in need of strength.

Empty hearts in need of love.

Discouraged souls in need of joy.

People in need of God.

How wonderful that He knew that we would need Him and His grace!  And so He offers it willingly and without blame.


He has it … I need it.

I always knew we were a match made in heaven!