What is YOUR Book Title?


“The Rooms of a Woman’ Heart” ... That was the name of my first book ... “The Rooms of a Woman’s Heart”.

What a profoundly safe title for a book that truly was geared toward comforting, yet in a gentle way challenging, the heart of grown-up girls!  It just made me feel all fuzzy inside.  Secure.

However, it was after writing my first book that I discovered that I am not a safe Christian.  I am a peaceful Christian but I do not dally in the mundane world of “safe”.

I am not talking about my salvation ... my salvation is safe.  Immovable.  Eternal. Solid.  Irrevocable.

I am talking about the way I live out my life in Christ.  I don’t want safe.  I want what Paul had.

Shipwrecks because of passionately desiring to make hell smaller and heaven bigger.

Jail cells because no one can keep me quiet when it comes to Christ.

Beatings because of a passionate resistance to the mediocrity and sin of a heathen culture.


And so ... the name of my second book was “Defiant Joy!”

Because that is who I am.  I am a Christian who defies her circumstances with the joy of His presence.

I am not rebellious but I am defiant.

When it comes to the Gospel, I am humbly obedient and daily ache for more of Him.    My heart bows lovingly and longingly at everything that He is and every Word that He speaks.

However ... when it comes to fulfilling the call of God on my life and ultimately dealing with the culture ... it is then that this formerly fuzzy girl becomes fierce.

There are some days when you actually might feel that an appropriate description of how I live my life would be more accurately described as violent.  And, if you do use “violent” to describe me, I would consider it a high compliment.

These are the words that Jesus spoke to His culture while He was living on planet earth, “From the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force.” - Matthew 11:12

Every generation needs a John the Baptist ... a Daniel ... an Esther or a Paul.  Every generation is crying out for men and women who are not silenced by the culture or by the call of mediocrity.  Every generation of believers is defined by their willingness to be defiant.  To be fierce.  Even ... to be violent.

I will not lay down or burn out.  I will not cave in nor will I compromise.  I am fiercely determined to fulfill the call of God upon my life at this time in history.  Fiercely.  Defiantly.  Violently.

I will not cross my finish line rusty but I will cross that line bruised, sweaty and violently victorious!

One of my friends says that she is so dangerous to the domain of darkness that her face is on a wanted poster in hell.  I want to live like that!

Now ... let’s talk about you.

If you were to write a book, what would it’s title be?

cover of the book with space for your title
cover of the book with space for your title

Because you are writing a book with your life.  The book of your life may never be published by a traditional publishing company ... but the story of your life is read every day by the people with whom you come in contact.  What kind of story have you written?

Will the story of your life be a passionate response to the cause of Christ?  Or will it be a  vanilla and lazy retelling of the life stories of thousands of others who chose safe rather than fierce?

If someone were to use an adjective to describe your life, what would that word be?

pink punch
pink punch

I want to live so violently that hell shakes with terror every time my feet hit the floor in the morning.

I want to live with a reckless abandon for the sake of the Call.  The One Call.  The Only Call.

I will be fiercely faithful and defiantly joyful as I serve my God at this time in history.

My call is to convince you that you, too, are called to live a life of extraordinary significance and violent choices.

If you are raising a child at this time in history ... then raise a champion!

If you are working in the marketplace ... then make it a mission field!

If you have free time on your hands ... then enter the battlefield of intercession!

If you have abundance ... then give generously and without reserve so that others may know your Savior!

There is no excuse for not giving all that you have and all that you are so that others may know Him.  It is why we live.

I live for a violent and fierce demonstration of His power and His glory being manifest through my life in even ordinary days.

And now, my friend ... let me ask you this ...

Why do you live?