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blog pic favorite things

Day 30 - Read a Devotional Every Day.

I love reading the heartfelt thoughts and inspirational insights of men and women of God who have embraced the principles found only in the Bible.

Every day, after I read the Word of God, I spend a few extra minutes in devotional readings.  It is like a clear, cool drink of water on an excruciatingly hot desert day!

Some of my favorite devotional books have been handed down in my family for generations.  I love to see what insight and wisdom my father chose to underline in these precious daily readings.  It is a treasure to trace my great-aunt’s writings in the margins and know that the Holy Spirit spoke to her through these very same written thoughts.

My three favorite devotional books are:

“My Utmost for His Highest” 

by Oswald Chambers

“Morning and Evening” 

 by Charles Spurgeon

“Streams in the Desert” 

 by Mrs. Charles Cowan

I have also been delighted to devour contemporary devotionals written by some of the great men and women of this generation on YouVersion which is an app on smartphones or can be accessed through the internet.  There are hundreds of daily devotionals found in this venue that are easily read and daily delivered to your “inbox”.

Many days of life are difficult days and we need to do everything possible to strengthen our souls with the resolve and nurture of heaven’s power.  One of the many ways this strength has aimed itself at my fragile life is through the unconquerable wisdom found in devotional readings.  I am a better and stronger woman because men and women of other generations have penned wisdom for me.  What a gift!