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blog pic favorite things

Day 25 - Be a better listener than you are a talker!

Press pause.  Take a breath.  Take a deep breath.  Listen to someone else.

When you are listening, don’t be distracted by playing a game on your phone or by picking  at your fingernails.

Look in the communicator’s face and listen to their heart.  It is one of the greatest gifts that you will ever give to someone.

I always try to remind myself that everyone I meet is someone more important than I am.  They have valuable opinions and deep heart pain that needs to express itself.

Often, when meeting someone for lunch, my agenda is to simply have no agenda so that my lunch companion can have the full pleasure of sharing life from his or her point of view.

Anybody can talk long and hard ... but it is a person of pure gold who chooses to listen well.

When you listen with your whole heart, it is then that you may be communicating friendship’s strongest message of all, “You are valuable to me.”