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blog pic favorite things

Day 17 - Listen to the voices of children ... look into their eyes ... smile at them ... hug them!

There is nothing so miraculous as the voice and insight of a child.

There is something so magical and eternal about the sparkle in the eyes of a child.

When a child breaks into a grin ... it’s as if the entire universe is smiling!

And, to hug a child, is to mold the future.

Assertively and proactively look for children to influence and to love.  Children in the neighborhood ... children at church ... children at the grocery store ... children in a restaurant ... children in your own family ... children in your own home.

You will be richer for your investment in the life of a child.

A day is never wasted when spent in the presence of a little one.

Hold babies.  It is not a waste of time.  It is an investment in the history of tomorrow.  Babies don’t need much in terms of materialism.  All they really come into the world desiring is just for someone to love them and nurture them.

You don’t need to buy children “stuff” or “things” ... but they do ache to make a memory or two with you.

Bake cookies together.

Go for a walk and look for frogs.

Spread a blanket out on the grass at night and count the stars.

Go to the library and read 10 books out loud.

Make an ice cream sundae and share it.

Pack a picnic lunch and go to the park.

Hold the babies in your life.  Rock them.  Sing to them.  It is time that you will never, ever regret.