Day 16 - Do One Thing To Make Your Home More Beautiful This Year.

You know all of those little things around your house that stare you in the face month after month?  Year after year?
Perhaps for you it is painting the kitchen or cleaning the bedroom carpet.
The paint around our back door needs to be scraped and then freshened up.  This little job would only take me one summer afternoon to accomplish.  Why do I keep putting it off when I see it every single day?!
I also have wanted to redo my home office for several years.  It wouldn’t take a lot.  Just stripping some wallpaper and then choosing a color of paint.
And also ... that tree in the front yard is way overgrown and we need to do something about it!  How many more years will pass before we hire some teen-age boy to come over and help Craig trim it up a bit?
This year ... just do one thing to make your home more beautiful.  It can be either one thing inside or one thing outside.
Perhaps you have long wanted to plant some tulips around your shrubbery.  Do it!
Maybe you have wanted to buy new towels for the guest bathroom.  Do it!
If you have been planning on painting your back deck for the last 3 summers ... there is no time like the present!
I have found that I am a happier version of me when I am living among little touches of beauty.  Drinking tea from one of my grandmother’s tea cups always gives my soul a sense of contentment.  Sparkling mirrors in the bathroom start my day more effectively than dirty, dingy mirrors.
Make a list of a few things that you would like to do to make your home a more beautiful place ... and then choose one of them to do this year!  Who knows?!  You may get really motivated and do more than one!