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Day 14 - Choose a Fruit of the Spirit that is lacking in your life.  Ask for it.  Study it.  Pray it.  Live it!

We all know what our weaknesses in life are, but when was the last time that you made a focused attempt to overcome that weakness?  I have a strategy that just may help you this year.

Read Galatians 5:22 and 23.

Make a list of the 9 Fruits of the Spirit where you can see them every day.

Ask the Lord to show you which of the Fruits of the Spirit you need to focus on in 2013.

When you realize which fruit you need to work on, ask the Lord to fertilize it in your life!  Ask Him every day, “Lord, would you please help the kindness (or patience ... or goodness ... or whatever one it is that you are lacking) grow abundantly in my life?”

Do a word study in the Bible concerning this particular fruit and look up other verses in the Word of God containing your Fruit.

 is a great study tool as you desire to become more familiar with the Bible.

Ask God to give you other particular verses with this word in it and write them down in a journal.  Pray them over your life.  You might want to choose one or two of these strategic verses to memorize.

When you are at the Christian bookstore, look for books that are focused on your particular Fruit of the Spirit.

Listen to the lyrics of songs at church and on the Christian radio station and make a mental note to sing songs that focus on your particular fruit.

You will find that by the end of the year - you will have an abundant harvest of your chosen fruit!  Don’t be surprised when your ability to show this fruit is tested!  Display it with the strength and joy of the Lord!  Let others taste and see that the Lord is good!