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Day 13 - Pray for a Miracle! Have you ever been part of a miracle?!  A bona-fide miracle?!  If not ... have you ever prayed for one?

Evaluate your life right now.  What miracle do you need?  Or, perhaps, what miracle does someone in your family need today?

Begin to pray for this particular miracle on January 1, 2013, and don’t give up praying.  Don’t ever, ever, every give up praying!

Pray for someone to be healed in Jesus’ Name.

Pray for a financial breakthrough that seems impossible.

Pray for a relationship to be healed that has been broken for years.

Pray for a life that has been in bondage to sin and addiction.

Every time that you pause to pray for anything at all, remember, also, to pray for this particular miracle!

Miracles still happen and the reason that they happen is because someone cares enough to pray.

Would the walls of Jericho have come tumbling down if Joshua and the children of Israel had not marched around it?  I don’t think so ...

Would the Red Sea have parted if Moses had not lifted up his rod?  I don’t think so ...

Would Jairus’ daughter have been raised from the dead if Jairus had not asked?  I don’t think so ...

I wonder what miracles we are not experiencing simply because we are not asking for them!

We serve a God Who specializes in the miraculous and we honor Him when we ask Him to do what He does the best.  Never underestimate His power or His desire to move on your behalf.

Pray for a Miracle!