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blog pic favorite things

Day 12 - Go Somewhere that You Have Never Been!

You have never been to Niagara Falls?  Make plans to go in 2013!

Never been to the Empire State Building?  Why don’t you make plans to go this year!

The Grand Canyon?  Never seen the Mississippi River?  How about the State Fair?

I know that some places are out of our budgets and ability to visit - but there is always someplace new that you can go!  I bet that there is somewhere within a day’s drive of your home that you have never been!

The Baseball Hall of Fame!  Nashville!  Vermont!  Mount Vernon!

Vacations don’t have to be expensive or long to be refreshing.  All it takes is a little planning ahead both financially and with time.  Stay with a friend rather than stay in a motel!  Pack a cooler filled with sandwiches and a car-filled with snacks to cut down on food expenses.

Never been to a baseball game?!  GO!!

Never been to the opera?!  GO!!

Never been to the ballet?!  GO!!

Life is short so add an adventure or two to your life and make firm plans to visit someplace that you have always wanted to go.  If you have never had lunch downtown in your city ... you can do that next week!  How about to the state capitol?  Or to the college campus only 2 hours away?

One of the most exciting parts of the trip just comes in planning it!  Let your imagination run wild and determine to fill your mind and your heart with a new adventure or two this year.

Me?!  Where do I want to go?

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead.

Prince Edward Island.

The Holy Land.


Always the beach.  ALWAYS the beach!

Who knows?!  Maybe I will see you there in 2013!