Day 9 - Invest in Something Greater Than Yourself

blog pic favorite things
blog pic favorite things

If we are not careful, our lives can evolve from one season to another with only the remembrance of gray mediocrity.  We can spend a lifetime doing nothing more than driving to and from work, wondering if the coffee pot is turned off and fretting about the upcoming and daunting insurance payment.

Life is meant to be so much more than all of that ... but you must be the one to make it more than all of that!  

Invest in something greater than yourself!

Discover a cause, a person or a ministry that resonates with your soul and then become involved in it.

Pray for this cause!  Add this ministry, person or cause to your daily prayer list and commit to invest yourself in longterm prayer for its longterm success.  Nothing ever happens of any eternal value without people who are committed to prayer.  Billy Graham had 3 women who prayed for him from the time he was a young evangelist.  Although we don’t know their names, how great is their reward!!

Give financially to this cause!  We can all give something, isn’t that true?  Sometimes it is not how much you give but just that you give.  Not all can give large amounts, but we can all give something.  I love writing checks to young people going on missions trips!  I feel that I am investing in their God-ordained destiny!  I almost feel that I am going with them as they go to feed their hungry, love orphans or build a new school on foreign soil.  Sometimes my checks are as little as $10 ... rarely are they written for more than $50 ... but the joy is there in the small and large gift!

Become personally involved with this cause, person or ministry.  Volunteer to stuff envelopes.  Go on a missions trip.  Send someone else on a missions trip with this ministry.  Tell other people about this ministry or cause.  Give of yourself, your time and your talents.  Call the office or the person in charge and ask what you can do to help promote the ministry.

When you look back at your this year, it won’t be the hours spent in front of the TV that will make it a memorable year.  It will be the time that you invested in something greater than yourself that will determine the value of how well you lived.  Trust me.  I know.