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blog pic favorite things

Day 6 - Celebrate Life in Your Corner of the World!

Let me challenge you to live well every single day of 2013.  Live wholeheartedly on ordinary days.  Live passionately on mediocre days.

Don’t be filled with worry and fear.  Reject worry and fear!  Ignore worry and fear!  Ban worry and fear!  Be filled with joy and grand expectation of all that God has for you this year.  Live in constant and breathless anticipation that the God of all hope has something good up His miraculous sleeve with your name on it.

You choose your heart attitudes although you don’t always get to choose your circumstances.  What you do choose are your responses to your circumstances and don’t waste one day of 2013 with a critical spirit, regret or blame.

Don’t waste one minute of 2013 in boredom or shame.  One of the greatest miracles of a life well-lived is that you can make a conscious effort to celebrate every day of your life as a rare and priceless gift.

Declare with me today, “I will not waste one day of 2013!  Not one hour!  Not one minute!”

I will not take for granted the miracle of an ordinary day.

I will use my fine china and buy flowers for no reason at all.

I will smile at strangers and hug children.

I will not correct, critique or criticize my friends and family but will look for opportunities to encourage them daily.

I will listen to Christmas music on October 1 ... or whenever else I feel like it!

I will go for walks while there are still dishes in my sink.

I will tell my husband ... or wife ... “I love you dearly” every day!

If I don’t have a husband or a wife ... I will tell SOMEONE that I love them every day.

I will cheer for my favorite teams whether they win or lose.

I will celebrate life!